Friday, April 24, 2015

SEEK: What do you want?

John the Baptist saw Jesus pass by and declared, “Look, the Lamb of God!” Upon this pronouncement, two of his curious disciples followed Jesus, prompting Him to ask a question.

What do you want?

In Seek: A Woman’s Guide to Meeting God, author Donna Jones uses Jesus’ question to spark our curiosity, to explore the idea of a relationship with Almighty God. Finding Him is not rocket science or a mystery to solve. He is not hiding from us. “God wants you to know that a relationship with Him is possible,” she says, “There’s only one requirement: You have to want it.”

What do you want?

The question stymies me. What do I want from God? What do you want from God? What does it take to know Him? Is it possible to relate to an invisible being as a friend or father?

Many years ago, like those disciples, I took a fascination to Jesus. In confirmation class my pastor told us of God’s desire to know each human being personally, of Jesus’ willingness to die on a cross for each one of us. In essence he said, “Look! The Lamb of God!” I was curious, dare I say hopeful, that it could be true, that God might want me in a way no one else had. I started following the only way I knew how—reading my Bible, praying, going to youth group. Yet now, decades later, that question pricks something in me.

What do you want?

A lot happens in the course of a lifetime. I’ve struggled through trials, disappointments, pain, grief. I’m still following, but I’ve been knocked off course a few times and when I see that question—What do you want?—I am struck. Though I’ve been following Jesus for a long time sometimes I wonder if I do it “right.”

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Marsha Young said...

Ah, Tami, we all wonder from time to time if we are "doing it right." Your post above sounds like you are certainly moving in the right direction. Blessings to you - Marsha