Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Learning a lot

My top ten lessons of the last three days:

10. Sipping on coffee while grocery shopping at Walmart makes the whole experience bearable.

9. I am "old school" (Thank you, Keygan, for so graciously pointing this out to me time and time again.).

8. Tears are healing.

7. Diet 7-up is more satisfying when the kids aren't home (Mmm hmm, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout girls--are you blushing?).

6. I need to keep my mouth shut (Obviously, if you understand number 7).

5. God's plans are intricate, in the process for decades and completely perfect.

4. My friends will continue to love me even when they don't agree with me or like what I have to say. (Thank you, Sprinkle Sisters!)

3. Love and respect can prevail over the temptation of money (My siblings are amazing!).

2. My husband can't live without me.

And the number one lesson of the past three days (Are you slapping your hands against your thighs, creating the drum roll for me? C'mon, be a sport. I promise it will be worth it!):

1. I crave intimacy because it is the closest thing to heaven I'm going to get here on earth.

All over the Bible God uses the analogy of marriage to describe the relationship of Christ and the Church. Our union with Jesus is to be that intimate, that personal. We want to be known, treasured, appreciated, understood and fully loved. In heaven we will experience that completely and perfectly with Christ. What we have here is only a tiny glimpse that leaves us wanting more. I can never get enough of my husband, not because he is so astounding (don't get me wrong--he is a wonderful man, God's continual miracle to me), but because I am really looking for the perfect union I can only get in heaven.

Okay, enough soul baring for me today. What are YOU learning?


Jilian Burgess said...

First of all, I loved this entry. I was even a good sport and did the drumroll.Second, I'm learning a lot. 1. Scripture needs to be my base for every opinion 2.You can love someone and disagree with them, at the same time! 3. God doesn't work on my time schedule and my life is all the better because of it.
Thanks for the insight! It was a great pick me up!

Kara Bird said...

Ooo... the last one really hit home for what I have been thinking about today... a LOT in fact. I've been thinking about that topic all morning wondering about it... and thinking about blogging about it too. :) I enjoyed your top ten list very much! It made me smile... and think. :)