Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Mercy of Trust

How will I ever find someone who loves me enough to spend the rest of his life with me?

Trust Me.

How will I ever raise godly children when I've got so much junk of my own to figure out?

Trust Me.

How will we afford braces and cell phones and car insurance and college for FOUR kids?!

Trust Me.

It seems hopeless, Lord. He doesn't get You. How can I make him see? Will he ever let himself be loved by You?

Trust Me.

How will I know if I'm doing Your work right, Lord? Am I doing it for me or for You?

Trust Me. TRUST Me.

How high are gas prices going to go?
How will I ever get it all done?
How can I write a Thankful Thursday post when I'm feeling so uninspired?!

Trust Me.
Trust Me.
Trust Me.

The issues are different, circumstances change, the worries shift, but the answer is always the same.

Trust Me.

Why do I need to be continually reminded? Will I ever learn this lesson? Or is it God's deep love, forcing me to run to Him when I can't make sense of it myself? Does He take even my lack of trust and make it into good when I go to Him for help?

Thank You, Lord, for putting things in my life I cannot figure out, for then I have only one place to go--YOU. Keep teaching me to trust, even and especially when I don't like it. Truly You are a gracious God.

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Peculiar said...

Oh Tami, what a true and precious post! Oh, if we just trusted Him for everything ALL of the time, what would our lives look like? It is my prayer too, that even though I know this is what I'm supposed to do continuously and don't, that God just keeps having mercy on this poor soul and leading me back to that trusting relationship with Him.

Laurie Ann said...

God will never leave us lacking. He is a great Provider. I loved this post! God bless you for the reminder, the inspiration and encouragement.

Susan said...

OK Tami, looks like you've been reading all of our mail these days!!

TRUST, so simple, yet nearly impossible to grasp.

I have to remind myself daily, to trust is to OBEY, and I do want to please God. .

Sending a big hug to you today♥

Angie said...

Tami---I loved this. THAT is EXACTLY why we have "STUFF" in our lives that throws us into a whirlwind....He is using it to build our TRUST in HIM.

Your writing always blesses me--and the Lord always send me a MESSAGE when I read your words...have a blessed day friend!

Melanie said...

Hi, Tammy! Love your post about trusting God... beautiful.

Lynn said...


I have been reading TT about trust for over an hour. They are all great posts but Tami, this one is wonderful. So powerful, real and poignant.

You always touch me with your words. I see the Lord's hand all over your writing. Love you girl. Hugs!

Denise said...

Very awesome, bless you dear one.

sharon said...

Amen. Amen. Thanks for this post, you touched on some of my worries. God bless you.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the reminder Tami. I am trying to teach my children to trust. How often I forget myself that I need to trust too. Isn't a wonderful sense of relief when we remember?

Kristi said...

That was a terrific TT post. So well said and so spot on. I love His patience with us. Thanks for sharing this blessing!

Jaime said...

I SOOOOOO needed that post!!! Thank you so much for it. I am feeling stressed this week and I always seem to worry more about EVERYTHING in my life when I have those weeks where it seems nothing goes right. Thank for reminding me to trust in him....ALWAYS.

I love you!! Thank you Lord for my wonderful sister-in-law! She is such a daily blessing to me!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Lelia Chealey said...

Oh exactly what I needed to be reminded of this day!! And every day!
Thanks so much for your prayers for my daughter. One day at a time... :)

Kara Bird said...

Mmmm... amen. That's all I have to say. :)