Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Bloggy Award?

My blogging buddy, e-Mom, has given me this little award. Hey, babe, thanks! I've been instructed to list five things I'm "addicted" to (wait, is this a trick?) and tag five other fabulous ladies. With a big gulp and slightly racing pulse, I present to you five of my addictions (we all know there's more than five).

1. My husband. Really. Truly. I can't get enough of this guy. I rarely get tired of him. He's funny and smart and dang cute too. It doesn't hurt that he loves me like no other either. I'll keep you, honey!

2. Warm beverages. Tea, coffee, lattes, ghetto cappuccinos, hot apple cider, you name it, I'm up for it. I do my best thinking with a mug of something warm pressed up next to my cheek. Just ask my family how many times they've seen me that way staring at my computer screen.

3. Deep discussions. I can kill so much time discussing life's issues with people. It really turns my crank, if you know what I mean. LOVE it!

4. My laptop. I've got a little refurbished iBook I adore. I thought it was toast this summer, but thankfully found someone who fixed it up for me. It would be easy to spend hours and hours on this thing (okay, true confessions, sometimes I do). I know I could live without it, since I did for a few months, but I don't like to.

5. God's Word. Yep, I did it. I went all spiritual on you. I couldn't help it. I absolutely rely on God's Word to get me through each day. I can't tell you how it has sustained me over the years and guided me through tough times. It is my direct line to God and one I do not take for granted. I hate to think about where or what I would be without the wisdom from the pages in my Bible. Thankfully I became "hooked" on it as a teenager and the attraction has never worn off.

And now I'd like to award (embarrass?) some other blogging friends.

1. Rachelle at Surrendering to God's Gift of Ellie Grace. (Throw us a bone and show us some weaknesses, babe.)

2. Lelia from WRITE FROM THE HEART. (You need something silly to think about for a change.)

3. Kelly from Kelly's Korner. (Your discerning readers want to know.)

4. Emiley from JOY Today. (Give us some juice, lady.)

5. Linda at One Voice. (You can do it, friend. Tell us something shocking.)

Have fun or curse me. Either one.


Brenda said...

What is a ghetto cappuccino?

Tami Boesiger said...

It's the kind of cappuccino you get at a gas station.

e-Mom said...

Hey Tami, this was great! Deep discussions, yep... they turn my crank too. (I particularly love talking with my DH.)

I'm a warm drink lover too, especially in this cold (brrr) weather. I'm off to get some hot chocolate right now. :~D

Have a wonderful Christmas, and kudos to you again.