Friday, December 12, 2008

Quick Takes Quotations

I'm putting a little spin on my quick takes today and posting seven memorable quotes I heard this week. Enjoy (or cringe or feel sorry for me or whatever).

(1) My thirteen-year-old son used the word "hot" in conversation and I jumped on it. "What is 'hot' to you?" I asked. He thought for a minute and said, "Gorgeous eyes...luscious hair...and she has to be nice...and a Christian...and smart." I'm not quite sure what luscious hair is, but I'm pretty happy about the other qualities. At least he's not focused on any body parts beginning with "B" yet.

(2) "It doesn't seem fair to have gray hair AND zits. Shouldn't a person be plagued with one or the other? If I'm old enough for the gray, shouldn't I get to be done with acne? UGH!" It's completely unfair, I tell you. There should be some benefits to getting older. Why am I not seeing them?

(3) I came home from a day of shopping very excited about one purchase in particular. I finally found the sexy black boots I've been looking for and at half price! WOO HOO! When I showed them to my kids, my son leaned over to his sister and said, "They look like hooker boots." What does he know? He thinks "hot" has something to do with being smart.

(4) Imagine my surprise when out of nowhere my kids asked, "Mom, are there gay animals, like, is there such a thing as a gay frog or gay monkey?" Think about that for a minute. Did you wonder about such things when you were a kid? My daughter even retorted with "There might be. They wouldn't know if the other animal was a girl or a boy, would they?" Wow, the lines have been obscured, my friends.

(5) My youngest saw what I was wearing to church and said, "It's the famous boots." Famous?! I'd only owned them for three days. Who knew I could cause such a stir so quickly? You s'pose I've overkilled them? What can I say? I like 'em.

(6) First imagine extreme anxiety, followed by a pounding headache and the inability to know where to start. Next hear me say, "Christmas is in two weeks?!" Prayers are in order, people. I just purchased my first presents yesterday. YESTERDAY! If you saw my list, you'd be sweating too. You see why this time of year is so joyous for me?

(7) I must leave you with more than my daily drivel today. Here's a quote from a book I finished this morning that caught my attention. It comes from Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee, a fellow Nebraskan. I highly recommend the novel. It is not your average fare of Christian fiction, making you think about how Satan works in lives. She does an amazing job of crafting a story about a person, yet leaves the ending more about the reader. Here are the demon's final words to the main character:

"I have told you the truth--a truth that, having heard, you are now doubly accountable for. Yes, if you become one of them, those shining souls, what can I do about it? But reject the truth even by refusing to decide, and reap the consequence you rightfully deserve. Do you hear that? That is accountability. It is the sound of hell, calling for you! Having had such an extravagant gift offered you, your rejection can only result in damnation far greater than that of those to whom it was never offered."

Chew on that for the weekend!

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Emiley said...

Oh Tami - you made me laugh this morning...and I needed that! :-) And, I have been saying #2 for YEARS now!! It just does NOT seem fair, does it?

Can't wait to see your boots! :-)

Brenda said...

So your son is looking for a girl like you! : )

Denise said...

Very cute post! You made me smile - thanks. I just got done reading your Dec. 9 post too and I must say, it really spoke to me. I wish I would have read it before posting on my blog tonight. What you said makes so much sense. I think I will ponder that for a while instead of everything else.