Friday, February 06, 2009

Putting it out there

(1) I've always wanted to be recognized as the best at something or at least one of the best, like Michael Jordan or Mozart or Steven Spielberg or Michaelangelo, someone whose work will be remembered beyond their death. I've got some skills, but I'm far from being one of the best at anything. My husband says there will always be someone to top anyone eventually. And I understand judgment of the best is subjective. What one person thinks is outstanding, another doesn't. But wouldn't it be awesome to be at the top of your game in an area, an undisputed expert or master?

(2) How are you doing on your new year's resolutions? I don't make them, but choose one word or phrase to concentrate on with God. This year's word is FOCUS and God has been faithfully showing me how to do this. Already He's made it clear He wants me to take a secondary role in an activity I've been involved with. I was frustrated at first, but He gave me great peace about it and now I see His answer to prayer. This particular activity is one responsibility I can pare away and give less energy to, freeing up my time. My FOCUS is getting there.

How about you? Are you still working on your goals? What helps you stay motivated?

(3) I am amazed at how much our oldest has grown up in the last year. Our son is planning on transferring to a different college next fall. When he told us, I panicked at first, thinking I just got used to one college system and now I'd have to learn another. I didn't want all the work I went through last year in walking him through the admission and scholarship process. But lo and behold, the kid surprised me. He's been taking care of it himself. Go figure! He'll call if he has a question and complete the applications on his own. I keep thinking, "Where were you last year when we were doing all this?!"

He even had some fraudulent charges on his checking account he handled himself, making the necessary calls to clear it up. I didn't have to intervene at all on that one. I can see him wanting to be his own man. And he's starting to look the part too. Weird.

He talks to my husband a lot about composing and calls him often with all kinds of music questions. Just when I started feeling jealous and thinking he didn't need me any more, he asked for my advice on how to handle something with a girl he likes. Aah. . .now that I'll gladly take a crack at. I know no matter how grown up he gets, he'll always greet me with his charming, "Hey, Mom" and a warm hug. This parenting stuff just gets better and better.

(4) Monday is the anniversary of the day my husband asked me to marry him. I look back on who we were then and marvel at how we have changed. Though we are older, we are better, both individually and together. We've had many good years together, but I would never want to leave where we are in our relationship now to relive any of those memories. Time and experience have taught us much and solidified us as a unit. The couple we were twenty-three years ago was good, but the union we share now is priceless. Happy "Anniversary", honey.

(5) We have people.

After many years of doing our own taxes, a few years ago it became necessary to enlist the help of an accountant. I can't tell you how much this relieves my stress level. Getting taxes completed on top of all the other things I had to do and figuring out all the mumbo jumbo was such a burden to me. Now I don't have to give it a thought and actually enjoy this time of year. Plus our accountant is a lovely woman I thoroughly enjoy.

I love having people and thank the Lord for an accountant I trust completely. Now if only I had the money to expand my people to include a housekeeper, a gardener and a closet organizer.

(6) My husband bent down to give me a kiss last night and the air was so dry we shocked each other before our lips even touched. I'm not kidding you. There was a visible spark between our noses! There's chemistry for you! The good news is he wasn't deterred and completed the task quite nicely.

(7) Occasionally I get the feeling someone I know in real life may read this blog, by the way they look at me. There's a wistful, knowing smile they get when I talk about a subject I've blogged on. I want to ask, but don't want to come across as self-centered, especially if I'm wrong. You make me wonder. Who are you, reader? Yes you, the person reading these very words at this minute. I'm curious as to who scans these ramblings of mine regularly. What would it take for you lurkers to give me a shout out? How many of you have visited this blog for some time and never commented? I'd love to get a hey from everyone who reads this post. If you're too shy to leave a public comment, e-mail me. You'll find the address if you click on the "View my complete profile" under the About Me section at the top of the page.

What do you look for when you come here? What do you like? What do you dislike? What would you like to see? How can I make this blog better? Is there a subject you wish I'd avoid, one you'd like to read more about? I really want to improve. Your input is invaluable. Throw me a bone, people. Tell me what you think.

And that's all I got for today, folks. Be sure to visit Jen at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes. Have a great weekend.


Brenda said...

That was some amazing stuff your son did.

Lisa said...

You know Tami, you have always had the knack of looking right in at someone, even through the internet page. That is what draws me to your blog. The honesty you share with every aspect of your life.
Sorry to hear Keygan is leaving UNK, but I know God is always guiding.
Didn't realize our "pop the question" anniversaries were so close, Rick asked me Sunday, 25 years ago. (did I really type 25!!!)

e-Mom said...

So you want to be famous? That's interesting Tami. I admit, I'm more comfortable in the "private sphere."

We've been seeing sparks when we kiss too... must be the dry winter air. :~D

I like your blog just the way it is. The only thing I would suggest is add entries more frequently (if you have time)!


maudie-mae said...

Here's my shout out--Hey!
My husband and I met 31 years ago on the 15th. We got married 31 years ago on the 15th of August.

It's always gratifying to see that the hard work you put into your child is coming back to reward you. Maybe reward isn't the best word--maybe bless.

I figure I am already famous--I am a legend in my own mind.

I read your blog because something blesses me nearly every time I read it. It's worthwhile. And though I don't know you in real life, I think I'd like to.

bluemjt said...

I confess--I read your blog. I too would like to be "known" for something but probably would not handle any attention for it very graciously. Best I keep my supporting role.
Love ya
mary T

Anonymous said...

I'm here for the very first time, through the Seven Quick Takes link. Ask us to comment again in a few weeks and I might be able to say what I like best about your blog... :)

I don't remember ever wanting to be the best. I do like to be recognised as better if that's actually true, otherwise I can get very sulky indeed :)

Rachelle said...

Ok, I confess I read your blog too. But that's because you have such "old soul" wisdom. Love ya! But you alreay knew everything I just told you. BTW- you already are famous! I saw your name just the other night listed in the credits of a DVD I was watching.

Toia said...

I enjoyed reading your post. This is my first visit. Stop by my place (my blog) anytime. Have a bless weekend!!

Emiley said...

I think you're amazing and I love reading your blog! I have to admit that I get several devotionals emailed to me and many of them I delete without reading, but I always read yours! LOVE your honesty, your insight, your ability to tackle the tougher issues with love and grace, your questioning nature, and your love of people! And, just for fun I just googled you and your name popped up lots....I think that DOES make you famous!! :-)

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

I enjoyed reading these -- thanks for participating!