Friday, July 31, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Volume 44)

1) My garden looks pitiful, PITIFUL! I haven't grown one in a few years, so I thought my soil would be ripe and ready to grow beautiful produce, but I was sadly mistaken. My soil looks silty and dry and my plants are half green, half yellow. In my cucumber patch I have three hills. One is lush growing, one is the size of my forearm, one is the size of my hand--all in the same area. What's up with that?! I picked about eleven beans, nine of which had bug bites all over them. It's embarrassing. I had my kids helping me pull weeds to which my husband asked, "Why bother?" Something about a weed free, pitiful garden seems better to me than a messy, pitiful garden.

2) My daughter and I have identical cell phones, cheapos we got from Walmart. To dress hers up a little, she put varying colored dots of fingernail polish all over hers. It's cute, I guess. Whatever. I don't mind. It makes them easy to identify, so I don't mind. She left hers behind this week when she went on a missions trip and her sister, the 10-year-old I am dragging my feet about having "the talk" with, wanted to take it to the water park. She usually takes mine.

"What's the difference?" I asked.

"It's more pimped out than yours, Mom," she explained.

Oh boy.

3) There's this stretch of road in my town that drives me absolutely batty. It's just a short distance--one block--but on either side of this block is a stoplight. I travel this route nearly every day and it is impossible to hit a green light at BOTH lights. Impossible! I'll be stopped at one, it will turn green, but by the time I get to the next one it's turning red. (For those of you in my neck of the woods, I'm talking about traveling north on 7th Street between Court and Ella. Have you ever hit greens at both lights? It can't be done, I tell you!) The only way to make it is to run the yellow on the second light, which I never do (well, maybe at least once, just to say I did it).

Yes, I totally understand it was designed this way on purpose, to be safer in our downtown area, but MAN, does it annoy me! Is it some sort of conspiracy to see how long it takes for me to blow a gasket? Are there hidden cameras at the church on the corner documenting my "Christian" response? Are the people at the newspaper across the street taking bets on whether I'll run the yellow or not?

I know, I know. Get over yourself already, Tami.

4) My sons are staging a Facebook war of sorts. They try to catch each other's pages unlogged out of (not sure that's an actual word or phrase or anything, but hey, it's Friday) and fill in the other's status with something goofy. It started out innocent enough.

Tanner Boesiger wishes he was as cool as his brother Keygan.

Keygan Boesiger thinks Tanner is da bomb.

They're getting a little out of hand this week, though, with bathroom kind of humor. If you've seen it, I'm so sorry. How do you rein in boys being boys, especially when they're both bigger than you?

5) I miss my daughter who's in Mississippi on a missions trip. She'll be a junior in high school this year, but I'm already dreading her senior year. Every time that Steven Curtis Chapman song, "I Danced with Cinderella" comes on the radio I think about her leaving and get a little misty. My heart's still recovering from our last graduation over a year ago. Good thing we have a little time. If you see me clutching my chest, sighing and tearing up, you'll know why.

6) I made some points with our gecko yesterday when I bought him some new carpet. Yep, his cage got a makeover. The vet suggested we ditch the substrate we were using and go with something less messy (gotta love the guy!) to help with his shedding problems, so I picked up some Cage Carpet. I'm not making this up. That's the actual name of the stuff. Anyway, he's been poking his head out of his little house ever since and I think he may have smiled at me too. Now, if only they made Lazy boys for lizards. . .

7) In less than two weeks our oldest moves out for college, this time much closer, which we're all happy about. He's ready and miracle of all miracles, I am too. It's time. Enough said. The rest of our bunch has an extra week, but I know the time will fly by. It's okay. It's time. Enough said.

Until then, I plan to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Take a peek at some other Quick Takes or join in the fun yourself at Conversion Diary.


Rachelle said...

The stop light stuff cracks me up!! I never knew you were such an aggressive driver. Have a good weekend. I'll miss you at the lake : )

Emiley said...

Sometime you'll have to talk to Bruce about stoplights in Lincoln....he's got stories!! Is Keygan going to live in a dorm?