Friday, September 25, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Volume 52)

1) Wow! A whole year of Quick Takes. Can you believe it? Let me sound like a complete old person and say, "Where does the time go?"

2) "Hey, Mom," Ladies Man said, "I learned how to edit profile pics on Facebook. I could take the gray out of your hair if you want."


And if it wasn't bad enough, he couldn't leave it alone. The next day I heard, "So, Mom, do you want me to take the gray out of your profile pic?"

When I just stared at him, he added, "but I don't really see any right now. . ."

Yeah. Good save.

3) GREAT news, people! My husband conceded in the Facebook war! I win!

Can I get a whoop, whoop?!

Of course, Drama Queen put a new crick in my neck suggesting I can't beat her. She had the audacity to patronize me while I was buying her a new cell phone (does she not understand who has the power in said situation?).

"You need to realize that half of your friends are really MY friends," she said with tone.

"No way," I reacted, "you don't even know most of my Facebook friends."

"Well, at least a fourth of them are really my friends that added you. You'll never catch up to me."

I played it cool. You would have been proud.

"Yeah, just you wait," I told her, "I'm like the turtle who kept at it, little by little, while the cocky bunny played around and talked big until the turtle squashed him."

She snickered and gave me a look which said, "Oh, you poor delusional woman."

But I'll get the last laugh. Mark my words, bunny girl!

4) I made an exciting purchase this week--a teeny purple mouse for my laptop. It's stinkin' cute with its retractable cord and sleek design. Purple always makes me happy, but when I can combine it with my laptop, another of my favorite things, I am plain giddy. Yeah, I'm a simple gal. It doesn't take much.

5) My husband and I rode in the van and I reviewed part of my to do list out loud.

"I really need to wax my moustache," I said, "I really need a haircut. I really need to do my toenails."

Kevin said nothing. He's a very smart man.

I turned to him and said, "I guess there's grooming in store for my future."

He burst into laughter.

"What?" I didn't get the joke, but laughed along, mostly because he was having such a good time.

"How come the funny things you say never end up on your blog?" he asked.

Here you go, honey. Your wish has been granted. I hope everyone finds it as funny as you did.

6) Power play number 5,871 between Dad and Drama Queen:

Dad: Go get that right now.

Drama Queen: You're such a Nazi.

Dad: Do it or you're not going to the game.

Drama Queen: You're greatly abusing your power as my father.

Dad: I think I'm going to throw up.

So who won?

7) Lest you think we're a bunch of warring barbarians, let's leave on a sweet note today. Last Sunday Drama Queen and some of her friends did a little photo shoot for fun and posted the pictures on Facebook. Drummer Boy noticed and commented on photo of Drama Queen all by herself.

"My sister is pretty! :)"

Yep, go ahead and say it. Aaah!

Have a great weekend, friends. Find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Brenda said...

What a funny post! Maybe Ladies Man just needs his eyes checked. I'm sure there are not actually an grey hairs. Fish was at that photo shoot as well. I agree. Your daughter is very pretty.

Rachelle said...

Oh man, funny stuff! Oh how we love bunny girl. I found no humor in what your husband was laughing about.....those are not things to kid around about. Maybe you should ask him how he'd feel if you just ignored all those things.

Chelsea said...

I love #6! You can really see why she's named "Drama Queen"!

I'm 24 and have gray hair. You get no sympathy from me.