Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Failing Snow Days

It snowed A LOT in my neck of the woods this week and our kids have been out of school two full days. Look closely at Ladies Man, Drama Queen and Miss Innocent One. Do you see the twinkle in their eyes? There's a reason for it. They've had far too much fun tormenting their parents!

Maybe I'm just getting old (don't you dare say ANYTHING), but the kids seemed so LOUD at home this week. I knew I was in for it when Miss Innocent One started playing the piano and Ladies Man got his trombone out to accompany her. Of course, we did this with the t.v. on full blast. Then there were the chases up and down the stairs, craft projects littering the living room, the mocking of their dad's choice of Christmas music, and wet boots and clothes strung out in the kitchen. They were having fun with each other, for which I am grateful, but they were so. . .LOUD!

I know, I'm a monster mother. I read all the beautiful sentiments other moms leave on Facebook about playing games, drinking hot cocoa, watching movies, making Christmas cookies and playing in the snow with their kids on our snow break, and the guilt creeps in. We only played one game and I yelled at them more than a few times to quit laying in the snow and scoop already. Yowsa, my mothering skills are an epic fail.

So I get a big fat F on my mother report card this week and feel like the grouchy old woman no one wants to visit. Pray for me, 'kay? Or maybe you should pray for them--they have to live with me!

Lord, help us all. I love 'em, really I do. I mean, look at them. What's not to love? Maybe I just need to buy earplugs. . .


Brenda said...

This is how I see it. When the kids were little snow days were magic. We'd snuggle, make cookies, watch tv in our jammies. When they got older I still wake up thinking "Oh a snow day. Let's make it fun". They are bored, loud and glad they don't have school but not glad they have nothing to do. Our satellite was out, so we didn't even have tv! So then I am dissapointed and just waiting for them to go back. It just isn't the same when they get older and have a snow day.

Caroline said...