Friday, March 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 73)

Yep, that's me and Hoss. He came to my house Monday to make lunch for all the boot camp participants. I had a super time getting to know him better. He brought and cooked the entire meal. This guy can do anything. Besides boot camp he also teaches dancing lessons at the YMCA. He told me he fixed a car the day before that had been sitting in his girlfriend's shed for years because no mechanic knew what to do with it. He talked about his fighting days as he showed me how to cut a strawberry to look like a flower, showing off his skills learned in culinary school. Hoss is truly a renaissance man!

I must admit I was very surprised at what he cooked for us though--a PASTA dish with chicken, shrimp and a combination of red and ALFREDO sauces. The topper was the CAKE he brought for dessert. When we balked a little about the cake he said, "Life is short. Live a little."

Thinking he must maintain a strict diet to look like he does, I asked him what foods he avoided. He looked at me funny and said, "Sour cream and mustard." He just doesn't like them!

"I eat a lot of french fries," he said, "I love Burger King."

I guess a guy can eat thousands of calories a day if you keep up an exercise regimen like he does. With a physique like his, you can't argue with him about eating french fries. Get a load of these guns! (And please ignore my cluttered kitchen--yikes!)

2) I felt sad while filling out my census form, realizing I couldn't claim Drummer Boy as living in my house. Then it hit me. The next time I fill out one of those forms I may not be able to claim ANY of my children as living in my house. Boo.

3) I have been SO TIRED all week. In an effort to figure out why, I got out my calendar to see what I've been doing. In addition to the normal rehearsals and activities around here, in the last five weeks we have gone to seven concerts or school activities in town, traveled out of town for events 8 times, attended parent/teacher conferences at three different schools, played for 4 rehearsals and 11 performances of Beauty and the Beast and celebrated Drama Queen's birthday. No wonder I'm draggin'!

4) Drama Queen and Drummer Boy wrapped up the winter drum line season last Saturday with a disappointing loss at their championships. I snapped this precious picture of Drummer Boy comforting Drama Queen afterwards.

I don't know if you can tell it or not, but her tears are starting to get to him. About ten seconds after I shot this, he lost it too. He loves his sister. It makes me tear up just looking at them here. We better move on.

5) I played Tami the Tool Girl Boesiger when I fixed our toilet yesterday. Yeah (sniff), it only took about ten minutes (let me hike up my pants a minute and rest my hands on my hips) to fix the sucker. Go ahead. Be impressed.

Someone needs to be. My husband wasn't. Pshht.

6) Though he didn't praise my resourcefulness, I'll give him an out. He's got a lot on his mind these days hosting the Homestead Choral Festival. If you live in the area and are looking for some culture Saturday night, wander our way.

7) Ladies Man wants to enter a design in a logo contest for a local festival this summer. He's got the drawing done, but couldn't figure out how to submit it. He and Kevin got on the website for our Chamber of Commerce, but found no information.

Kevin: I know the president. I'll e-mail her and ask her what you should do. (hiking up his own pants) I've got connections.

Ladies Man: I've got connections too.

Kevin: Yeah? Who?

Ladies Man: You and the lady at the chamber and the newspaper clipping about it.

Kevin: So basically you've got me.

Ladies Man: Well, you and the newspaper article, but you're probably a better connection. I can't lose you.

I'm calling it quits this fine morning, friends. Enjoy your weekend and take in some other Quick Takes posts at Conversion Diary.

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