Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 75)

1) Kevin played for a wedding out of town last weekend. We didn't know the couple at all, only the bride's family, but we decided to make the most of it and turn it into a little weekend getaway for us. WOOT! WOOT! Hallelujah and Praise the Lord! Too bad we couldn't have taken a couple MORE days. I knew we were long over due for some time alone when Kevin said BEFORE we left, "I just know it's not going to be long enough."

This week we received a thank you from the bride's grandmother, praising Kevin's playing and thanking him for his part in making the wedding nice. And then she added this little ditty at the end.

"Tami, I'm so glad you could be there. You added to the beauty of the day."

Now isn't that a perfectly lovely thing to say?! I hope I can be that gracious with my words some day.

2) Drama Queen and I were having a pretty stupid discussion in my bathroom one night, comparing our bodies in completely inappropriate ways while Kevin laid in bed.

Kevin: What are you doing?

We ignored him and continued our pointless banter.

Me: I'm losing my boobs.

Drama Queen: Hey, my boobs may be as big as yours.

Kevin: Oh brother.

Me: I don't know. Let me see. . .No, I'm still ahead of you.

Drama Queen: Only because you've had kids.

Kevin: I wish you guys could hear yourselves.

Drama Queen: What's that, Peacock?

Kevin: Peacock?

Drama Queen: What are you squawking about in there?

She found herself quite hysterical and has continued calling him Peacock all week. As you can imagine, sound effects come along with the name. I don't think it's going to last long though. When she tried to use it on him last night, he got ticked.

3) Kevin and I are attending an opera tonight to see one of our former college kids strut her stuff. I'm VERY excited. Dinner, the opera, a little culture, a cute guy to share it with. . .what's not to like?

4) Today I'm going to Miss Innocent One's school where they're showing "the film." My poor daughter has heard for years about "the film" from her siblings and has it built up in her mind as the most embarrassing thing she'll have to face thus far in her young life. I keep telling her it's not a big deal (after all, we've already had the sex talk), but her brother shoots my assurances to smithereens with his offhand comments.

Ladies Man: Miss Innocent One, you know you're going to learn about guys too.

Miss Innocent One: Ew.

Ladies Man: I had to learn about girls.

Miss Innocent One: Yeah. . .

Ladies Man: It's important to know about guys' junk.

Don't ask me where he got this impression, but it was so significant he wouldn't let it go.

Miss Innocent One (looking nauseated): Yeah. . .

Ladies Man: You have to know about vaginas AND penises.

Miss Innocent One: Maybe, but I'd rather not learn it from you!

5) I hope I haven't upset anyone's delicate sensibilities using the big "V" and "P" words. Obviously, we've always just called things like they are in our house. It seems more sensible to use correct terminology than something as inane as pee pee. Of course that has backfired on us a few times, like when our three-year-old racked himself on some playground equipment during a Bible study outing and yelled across a crowded park, "I hurt my penis!!!"

Now I've said the "P" word twice. If some of you are hyperventilating, forgive me.

6) I watched a friend's baby for a short time this week. I wouldn't call myself a baby person. I don't have the urge to hold every infant I encounter like my mother-in-law does, but I really enjoyed my time with this little guy. There's something about interacting with a baby that reminds me of all that is pure in life. It's hard to worry about how to pay for new tires when you're holding a perfect, tiny little person in your arms. It's like touching a real life miracle. Spending time with this tyke soothed my spirit, reminding me how incredible God's work is.

7) You should know I always clear what I post here with my kids. When I hollered at Ladies Man to get his approval on number 4, Drama Queen was reading over my shoulder.

Me: Ladies Man, come here. I want to make sure I won't embarrass you on the blog.

Ladies Man: What is it?

Drama Queen: It's about your penis!

Okay, so now I've totally alienated you by using the big "P" three times. So sorry. I just couldn't help it. Give me a break. It's the weekend.

I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I obviously need mine. Take a little time to peruse some other Quick Takes posts at Conversion Diary.

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e-Mom said...

Two thumbs up for number 3!!!!! Have a terrific evening you two. :~D

P.S. Loved this: "Tami, I'm so glad you could be there. You added to the beauty of the day."