Friday, April 09, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 77)

1) We enjoyed a fantastic Easter. We started it at church with a special service full of wonderful music (Nice work, honey!) and great preaching. I must admit I have a hard time fully comprehending God's great sacrifice and gift to me. There is no human convention to compare it to. It is mind blowing. So I thank Him for His love, praise Him wholeheartedly, and ask for better understanding. Truly, God is good!

After church we went to my mom's house and celebrated with my side of the family. It was a blast hanging out with my kin (oh brother, how old does that make me sound?!). The kids had fun with their cousins, the guys played cards and the girls hung out talking and laughing. And of course, there was plenty of eating. GREAT time.

And if we weren't full enough, towards evening we headed over to Kevin's sister's house to spend time with his side of the family. We have some terrific conversations with these people and Easter was no exception. It's a good thing the kids didn't have school the next day because we had so much fun there we didn't leave until after midnight!

Gracious God, beautiful day, lovely people, good laughs, great food. What else could a person ask for?

2) We had the great fun of keeping our nephews last Saturday. The five-year-old regaled us with stories about preschool and some kid they chase called "Cheesy Wookie Head." He watched a squirrel crawl across our neighbor's roof and said he doesn't give squirrels names, but he does name the dead deer his dad shoots--Clint and Grass. Here he is with Ladies Man (who you can see is pretty proud of his cousins), telling me he couldn't look at me because it hurt his eyes. (Should I take that personally?)

I wish I could illustrate how that kid has his daddy's ears. It's too funny (Love you, Jason!). Meanwhile this guy's little brother kept us in stitches as he determined to fight off sleep while eating an ice cream cone. You can tell he's a little tuckered out here.

Aren't these the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen?!

Only a two-year-old would try to eat it from ALL sides of the cone.

He's getting droopy.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and asked him, "Are you done, buddy?"

"Uh huh," he answered, sounding relieved. Then he crawled into Ladies Man's lap and promptly fell asleep.

3) Drama Queen was bragging she had the best eyesight in the house, when Ladies Man stepped in.

Ladies Man: Oh yeah, well I have 20/20 hearing.

Drama Queen: I have 50/50 hearing. I only hear what I want to hear.

4) We've got blog fever at our house. Last week when I was reading the kids my Quick Takes, Drama Queen and Ladies Man both said, "I want a blog!" Drummer Boy already has one called The Drummer Diaries and this week Ladies Man beat his sister to the punch creating The Canvas of a Teenager. I was pretty impressed with his title as he spends all his free time in art-related projects. So far he hasn't posted too much, but I have a feeling there may be lots of sketches and videos coming up. I'll let you know when Drama Queen gets going. I don't imagine it will be too long. She can't stand the thought of anybody one upping her.

5) Apparently there's a Marvel superhero which has my maiden name--Kubik.

I'm diggin' the long lean muscular look this creature has, but I'm not so crazy about the weird alien head thing it has going on. The description of this character says:

Variable (hmmm, very interesting)

Variable (no kidding!)

Infinite: Kubik could manipulate reality without any apparent limit. Reality remains restructured until Kubik consciously alters it: reality does not revert to an unaffected state after any time interval or in an event Kubik was to lose consciousness.

Kubik has the ability of telepathy and could manipulate extra-dimensional energy to his will, he was also capable of inter-dimensional teleportation, and travel at warp speed.

So technically I could be an alien creature with superpowers who can manipulate reality and energy at my will.

Just so you know. Watch your step around me, people. Kubik could change your reality!

6) Do you remember candy cigarettes? Drama Queen remembered seeing them at some time, but we had to explain them to Ladies Man and Miss Innocent One.

Miss Innocent One: What did they look like?

Me: They were white and long and skinny with a red tip at the end.

Miss Innocent One: What did they taste like?

Me: I don't know. There's no other candy around that tastes they did. They kind of melted in your mouth.

Kevin: They were kind of chalky. I didn't have them very much. We weren't allowed to buy them.

Me: We had them all the time. You'd put them between your fingers like you were really smoking and suck on the ends of them and they slowly disintegrated and got shorter.

The kids just looked at us like we were nuts. To imagine anyone wanting to encourage smoking in that way was totally foreign to them. As I type this I remember they were powdery on the outside and if you got the powder on your lips just right and blew softly you could simulate the smoke coming out of your mouth too. Kevin and I laughed as we reflected how ridiculous it sounded just talking about it.

Whose bright idea was that anyway?!

7) My kids have been driving me crazy in a new way. They came home from youth group with turkey calls and use them in weird conversations. In Drama Queen's case, think Donald Duck on steroids. Here's a taste (Facebook readers, you'll have to click on View Original Post to see the video):

Do you feel sorry for me yet? Seriously, I really do appreciate the fun-loving nature of my kids. There's no lack of entertainment at our house.

And that's another week in the Boesiger house. Catch some other Quick Takes posts at Conversion Diary. Have a great weekend!


Jaime Kubik said...

Great post -- I always love the "quick takes"! I have to tell you I had never noticed Junior's ears being like Jason's but they are!! Thanks for revealing that to me! Also, I'm wondering just how real this Kubik superhero might this why I can never win an argument with Jason??? (Now who's over-thinking?)

Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

I don't know where to start laughing! HA! This has got to be the best Quick Takes post I've ever read. I can never write another one myself; I know I have met the queen of 7 Quick Takes! LOL.