Friday, April 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 78)

1) It's been one of those blah, in-a-funk weeks again. (No one's keeping score of these on their calendar, are they? It may be a dead giveaway for when "grandma comes to visit" and having the entire blogosphere aware of my biological cycles is just creepy.) I've noticed my husband gets into funks of his own, but his only come about once a year instead of every few weeks. Standing up while peeing and having the blues only annually--men get all the breaks.

2) My sister's birthday was Monday and because we live nearly three hours apart, we rarely get to celebrate it, but this year we scrapped everything else and met for lunch halfway between our towns. We've always been very different. One of our first pictures taken together clearly illustrates it.

She is witty and fun-loving. I'm more quiet and contemplative. I'm black-haired, brown-eyed. She's a blue-eyed blond. We've had rough times (the adolescent years were the worst) where our differences separated us. Frankly, I had a hard time with all the guys asking me if my little sister would go out with them! I mean, c'mon, look at her! I understood it, but it didn't make it any easier.

But as we've grown, our similarities emerged. We both have four kids. We both feel driven to pursue a passion. We look at life through a common lens. As I reflect upon our lives as sisters, I am thankful. I have many friends, but only my sister knows everything about who I am and where I've come from. We possess a lifetime of memories together--being Sonny and Cher for the cows (guess who was who!), singing into deodorant bottles in the bathroom, laughing in bed until the wee hours of the morning (or until Dad stomped on the floor above us).

I love you, Teri. Thanks for literally always being there.

And watch out for this woman, folks. She reminds me a lot of Sarah Palin. This fall she starts law school! I guarantee you'll see her name in politics in the future. I'm proud of her!

3) Proving herself the authority on yet another subject, Drama Queen demonstrated to Ladies Man a nuance on the classic eye roll.

Kevin: You look like you're having a seizure.

Drama Queen: Dad, you shouldn't joke about a thing like that. After all, you've had two kids who've had them.

Ladies Man: Yeah, thanks a lot, Dad, my self-esteem points just went down.

Kevin (whispering to me with his own nuance on the eye roll): How come no one ever worries about our self-esteem points?

4) As I predicted, Drama Queen couldn't take it and started her own blog, Livin' Out Loud (GREAT suggestion, Linda. It totally fits her.). For a girl who always complains about being the victim in our family, her first blog post made me think her life's not all that bad. I did have to laugh though as she worked on her first entry.

"Writing blog posts is HARD!" she whined.

It took everything in me not to say, "Welcome to my world, babe."

We've been living with this monstrosity taking up half the dining room table for a week now. It's a roller coaster Drama Queen and some of her friends rigged up for a Physics project. A little marble starts at the top of the post and travels the length of the coaster, stopping slow enough not to break an egg at the end of the course. They worked on it for several weeks and I was delighted when she brought it home to show us, but I'm wondering how long we have to live with it. It's novelty has worn off now. When does the dismantling begin, Drama Queen?! I love you, babe, but this thing's cramping my style.

6) Ladies Man complained about how much homework he had and then a friend called to remind him about another quiz.

Ladies Man: Now I have to study for that too! I'll never have any free time tonight!

Maybe I'm a rotten mother, but he got no sympathy from me. I spent the day before running around so crazy I had to squeeze a shower in between supper and Bible study.

Me: Some days are like that.

Ladies Man only growled. I know it will be a hardship not chatting it up with his peeps on Facebook, but hey, SOME DAYS ARE LIKE THAT!

Or as Kevin is fond of saying, "Buck up and be a Boesiger!"

7) Drama Queen and Ladies Man were out playing basketball last night when it started raining. They didn't let it deter their fun and came back in soggy, but full of laughs.

These two are starting to have way too much fun together. Ladies Man will join her next year in high school and I worry Miss Innocent One will get left in the dust. Pray for her, people, and for Kevin and me. These two as a team can be a force to reckon with!

That's all this chicky has this fun Friday, folks (try to say that five times really fast!). Catch some other Quick Takes posts at Conversion Diary.


Jaime Kubik said...

I still need to call and wish Teri a happy birthday! Great post - loved the pictures of you two. Also I hadn't realized how much taller than Drama Queen Ladies Man had gotten! He is growing up!

There's a little poem I posted yesterday...written for you and Tammy. My best girls in the world!

e-Mom said...

You and your sister look like princesses together... Wow, what beauties! :~D

(Nice to see your SIL above too!)

Brenda said...

You look like Innocent One in the first photo!

Traci Michele said...

What fun pictures! Thanks for sharing.

I found you over at Top 100 blogs.