Friday, May 07, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 81)

1) We've just about survived the marathon of concerts and school activities. In the last week and a half we have attended Field Day, a middle school vocal concert, a kids program at church, a high school band concert and another band concert for grades 5-8. Today I go to a 5th grade picnic. Tonight is a high school vocal concert, Monday night is a band banquet and Tuesday brings the final concert for the high school show choir (which I can't attend due to another activity--yikes!). Then, I think we're out of the woods. Whew!

You think I'm getting ready for summer?!

2) So I burned another plastic handle on my stove top this week (see #4 here). As my husband witnessed me discovering my blunder, he had to stifle his laughter.

"You have to admit it's kind of funny," he said, wrapping me in his arms.

For some reason he finds this flaw endearing.

"Yeah, here's what will become of us," he said, "I'll die young. . ."

I finished his sentence for him.

"And I'll burn the house down when I'm 90!"

3) And now a public service announcement to you parents of teens.

Having trouble keeping up with the latest slang your kids use? A word I'm hearing quite frequently around my house is "legit. Suddenly anything of value is "legit" as in "That car is legit" or "These waffles are legit, Mom" or "We totally nailed that song. It was legit." The word seems to be interchangeable with "sweet" or "awesome."

If you haven't heard your teens use this word yet, why not beat them to the punch and use it with them?

Maybe then they'd think YOU were legit (but don't count on it).

4) Miss Innocent One: Last night I dreamed I had a cell phone.

Me: Yeah, keep dreaming, babe.

5) Ladies Man got some good news yesterday. He won a logo contest for our local Homestead Days celebration! His design will appear on t-shirts and posters all over town. He was pretty pumped. Here's the winning logo.

6) And now more adventures in slang.

Drama Queen: Oh, hey, b, t, dub. . .

Kevin: b, t, dub?

Drama Queen: Come on, Dad, don't tell me you don't know what that means.

Kevin: I know what it means, but why would you use it?

Drama Queen: Why wouldn't I use it?

Kevin: Think about it. B, t, dub, has the same amount of syllables as by the way. You're not saving any time saying b, t, dub. I s'pose you think it sounds cool, but why not just say what you mean?

Drama Queen: You just don't understand, old man.

7) Drummer Boy turned twenty this week. TWENTY! How can I be the mother of a twenty-year-old?! Yes, I'm plenty old enough and I caught my sister looking at my head and smirking yesterday due to the, shall we say, high number of pigment free hairs she saw there, but inside I'm barely twenty myself. But what can you do? I'll roll with it and try to take good care of myself.

Speaking of which, I've made it my personal mission in life to do everything I can to keep myself healthy so I won't have to ride around in one of those Little Rascal contraptions at Walmart someday. I know some things are beyond my control, but the thought of needing to be reliant on one of those things makes me grit my teeth.

Now watch. I'll break an ankle next week and be forced to do it.

That's a wrap for this Friday, folks. Be sure to hug your mommies this Sunday and if you have a chance, check out some other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Jaime Kubik said...

How exciting for Ladies Man!!! He's going to have to start his own logo business next year! Tell him I'm proud of him!

Oh, and by the way, I can't help but see you, in your little Rascal at the Walmart looking for a new pot 'cause you just melted the handle off the old one!