Friday, May 21, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 83)

1) School is out and our family hit a milestone. We are officially finished with elementary school. We figured we've been part of our current elementary for fifteen years! We felt pretty good about having one less school to visit and closing this chapter in life until we considered one thing.

How many years of college do we have to look forward to?

Suddenly fifteen years of elementary school doesn't seem like such a big deal.

2) I signed up Drama Queen and Ladies Man for a kick-boxing class. Ladies Man is super stoked, talking about how he's going to get "ripped." I hate to break it to him, but four kick-boxing sessions does not a ripped man make (try saying that really fast). As I registered them, the lady at the front desk suggested I join too, but it's hard enough for me to get my sorry self to the Y on the weekdays. I shouldn't have to go Saturday too, should I?

But if my kids get a little big for their britches and need to be taken down, I'll be donning some gloves. This mama's gonna do whatever it takes to keep putting the smack down at my house.

Kevin and I had a lovely time in Colorado, but WOW did the conference wear me out! I've had the toughest time concentrating on anything all week and until yesterday I walked in a fog, lacking any source of motivation. My voice developed that hoarse, tired sound by 8:00 each night. On Wednesday I even took a nap at 10:30 A.M.!

Does this mean I'm a lightweight or that I'm getting old? Or worse yet, an old lightweight? Wait, don't answer those questions. I guess I can thank the Lord for Tazo Awake tea which has kept this lady in a semi-moving state.

4) Thanks to all my smart readers for cluing me in to my "condition." Many of you suggested my freaky finger issue (see #5) may be Raynaud's disease. After doing some online research myself, I think you're probably right. Does this require my family to give me special concessions? I should at least get out of scooping ice cream for everyone, right? Maybe someone else will have to make hamburger patties or defrost the freezer. Shoveling snow must be a no-no, as well as scraping ice off vehicle windows. Hey, this could work to my advantage. Send the suggestions, folks!

5) I had another weird dream this week where I got some new clothes and wore them all day before realizing I had the capris on wrong. I couldn't put my finger on why they felt strange until I discovered both my legs resided in one leg of the capris with the other empty pant leg flapping behind me like a tail. What in the world?! How was I able to walk? And what does this say about my psyche? Do I long to be an ostrich? Do I wish for a tail to call my own or do I have a secret desire to walk like the hunchback of Notre Dame? Or am I so tired I can't even put my pants on straight in a dream?!

6) You'd think since school is out we'd be done with school related activities, but no. We had ONE more the day AFTER school recessed for the summer. Last night we attended a drum line banquet. Drummer Boy and Drama Queen enjoyed functioning as instructor and student with little conflict.

I wish I could figure out how Drummer Boy made himself so huge in Drama Queen's estimation. He can do little wrong in her eyes. I need that kind of power, don't you think?

7) After a cool and wet week, we're looking forward to some warmer temperatures this weekend. This is good news for me and everyone else who's been looking at my lily white appendages far too long. You better believe I'll be looking for reasons to work outside.

May you enjoy your weekend too, my friends. Take a little time to visit some other Quick Takers at Conversion Diary.


Noblese said...

Came by chance to your blog and like it. Keep the good work going.
Just a question: what's the meaning of "7 Quick Takes"?
Thanks and have a good day.

Tami Boesiger said...

Thanks for stopping by, Noblese. Welcome!

7 Quick Takes is just a post I do every Friday. Basically it's seven things which have happened in my house over the last week. I link up with another blogger who hosts it for MANY bloggers. You can find the link at the end of my post.

Have a great weekend.