Friday, May 28, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 84)

1) I enjoyed my first full week of summer with all my kiddos at home. We got some projects done and had fun. It's always hard for me to switch into summer mode. Every day is different. I suddenly have more time on my hands, but also more activity in our actual house. I stress over the most effective way to use the time (and the free labor force). A verse I must recite over and over is Psalm 90:17.

May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us--yes, establish the work of our hands.

2) Ladies Man received his award for winning the logo contest for our local Homestead Days. When the committee asked what his inspiration was, I held my breath hoping he wouldn't give them a toned down version of "Show me the money!" But he did well in a room full of adults he didn't know and said something about always loving art.

Nice work, Ladies Man. We're proud of you!

3) Drummer Boy secured a job in our town, so it looks like we'll be seeing more of this for the next couple months.

Don't worry. There's nothing wrong with this boy. He likes to freak us out crossing his eye like that. I'm quite happy he'll be around this summer. And so are his siblings. He's a fun guy to have around.

4) Miss Innocent One found some pink pots in our shed and decided to claim them for some flowers of her own. I guess she got tired of tending them and took a short cut to watering them.

She sets an ice cube in the top of each little pot a few times a day and lets Mother Nature do the rest. Do you suppose she puts the seeds in hypothermia in the process? Is she producing season confusion?

Poor Elmo and his chronic shedding problems. It's a wonder the poor lizard is still alive. We're learning his shedding habits now and know exactly where his little body leaves some behind and needs help. If he doesn't clear it all, his body convinces his mind brain he isn't done and he continually sheds which is tough on the little guy. The skin left behind lodges in moist places and can cause infections. I've developed new skills in digging shed out of three strategic places--his mouth and gums, his backside and his right eye. Every single time he sheds, his right eye won't open afterwards and I have to go digging for the gunk stuck over his eye ball. It's a problem because with only one eye his depth perception is all off and he can't catch his worms to eat. I've actually held a worm in a tweezer right in front of him and he pounces just to the left of it.

Digging hunks of gunk out of gecko orifices may sound completely gross to some of you, but I rather enjoy it. It makes me feel like a hero, bringing someone back from the brink of death. C'mon. Humor me. He is much happier and healthier than he was a year ago. Plus digging around on Elmo suppresses my urge to pick at family members' zits.

I'm saving a lizard life and sparing my family all at the same time. Beautiful.

6) Kevin and I decided to go out to dinner last weekend leaving Miss Innocent One and Ladies Man at home to fend for themselves. I think they had a little too much fun with their food. What do you think?

7) Kevin unwound with the kids last night getting in some video game action. Take a look at these pictures and see if you can tell where Drama Queen gets her drama.

Plan a little down time into your weekend, friends and enjoy yourself! You've got an extra day to take in some other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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