Monday, May 24, 2010

Let Me Try That Again

He doesn't say it often, so I should have responded with more appreciation. But after I exercised, cleaned my house and weeded out the strawberry bed I wasn't feeling attractive. I sat on the couch taking a breather from the day's activities, my hair the way it looked when I got out of bed, no makeup, mud under my fingernails, feeling grimy and emitting some unpleasant odors.

So when my husband, just showered, freshly shaven and smelling very nice, leaned into me and said, "You're pretty," you'll understand why I had a hard time believing him.

"Wow," I said, "love truly is blind."

My flippant words wiped the smile right off his face and immediately I wished for a redo.

What is the matter with me?! If he's rebuffed when he gives compliments, why should he bother? Why didn't I plant a big one on him instead of making him feel foolish? Why did I belittle his comment and ruin his attempt to make me feel beautiful?

Why didn't I believe him?

I learned my lesson. Reacting negatively hurts my chances of ever hearing nice things again. This girl's going to assume if he says it he means it and reward him accordingly. What harm can that do?

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