Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 86)

1) I thought about calling this 7 Quick Takes: The Butt Edition, but didn't want to alienate any of you weaker constitution types. Consider yourself warned.

2) Kevin, Miss Innocent One and I were out for lunch when I made a comment about my husband's derriere. (I just couldn't help it.)

Me: I love those jeans. They hug his butt good.

Miss Innocent One (with one eyebrow raised): 'Cause that's not weird.

Don't let her smart aleck comment fool you. She said it with a big grin, as if she likes knowing I find her dad attractive. My kids are pretty much unphased by these sorts of comments. They're used to it and always shake their heads with a smile. I see it as building a sense of security and grossing them out at the same time. It's win-win, I tell you.

3) Our summer musical at the church opens tonight. Anybody need a night of giggles? Come on down!

4) During the first week of summer, my kids drove me NUTS sleeping in, laying around the house, watching movies and playing on the computer, while I ran my little fanny ragged. Since I feel better when they're as busy as me (or at least trying to appear that way), I'm happy to report they've each found a way to make their mommy less agitated.

Drummer Boy's been a busy guy working 6:AM until 4:30 PM each day, but doesn't seem to mind it. I see it giving him a sense of accomplishment and easing his stress level over his lack of funds. I bet he dreams in dollar signs.

Drama Queen's kept herself occupied and in the dough as well, babysitting a few days a week, taking a shift at her regular job every so often and "hanging" with friends. She won't be around much in July, so she's happy to be earning what she can now.

Ladies Man has been a mowing and weeding fanatic, trying to earn money for an i-Pod. I'm so tired of hearing about it, I've been tempted to throw twenty-dollar bills at him to get him to zip it already, but I didn't. This is good for him, I know. I'm not some silly woman only concerned about butts.

Miss Innocent One has kept busy helping paint sets at church and reading her little eyes out. I love seeing her sprawled out on the couch engrossed in a book, but I have to admit I get a little jealous. My eyes wander from my messy kitchen to the couch, my dirty bathroom to an absolutely beautiful novel I'm trying to read, my piles of laundry to the rocking chair on the back porch, the weeds in the garden to the stack of books on my kitchen counter. When is a mother supposed to soak in all the reading she'd like to do?

5) Another instance of Ladies Man living up to his name:

We're watching an episode of Divorce Court when Judge Toller poses a polling question.

"Mrs. Doe thinks Mr. Doe has too many female clients in his line of work. Do you think this is a problem in a marriage?"

Ladies Man pipes up immediately. "It could be, but he probably just needs to give his wife more attention."

How did he get this kind of wisdom about women at fourteen years of age?! And don't tell me it's because of his mother's amazing parenting skills. I spend half my days talking about his dad's butt.

6) You know that 80's song "We Got the Beat" by the Go-Go's? Miss Innocent One surprised me the other day by knowing the words to it. She said she learned it on Dance Dance Revolution. Who says video games aren't educational?

Later we were painting a whale for the church musical and tripping over each other as we finished the backside.

Me: Here, trade me places. I'll take the tail and you take the butt.

Almost on cue we both started singing ala Go-Go's.

You got the butt, you got the butt.
Yeah, you got the butt!

Isn't she cute?!

7) I still haven't found my summer groove (read: I don't know what I'm doing on any given day and the day gets away from me WAY too easily and how I want to read some good books!), but I'm learning to roll with it and be grateful for a little change (Can you believe I said that? Me, Miss I-Hate-Change?!). Pray I get something accomplished too, okay?

Have a terrific weekend, friends. Click on over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.

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