Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 88)

1) A sign Miss Innocent One, our baby, may need a name change:

She put on a new swimsuit cover up and made a surprising comment.

Miss Innocent One: This thing makes me look like I have boobs. BONUS!

Her dad stared at her without saying a thing.

Miss Innocent One: Stop looking at me like that, Dad. I AM a girl.

Yes, indeed you are sweetheart. Sigh.

2) Watch out forces of bad health. Take heed evil boot camp instructors and back-breaking laborers, flat feet and non-supportive furniture. Backman and Posture Princess are on the job!

There are distinct advantages to being friends with a chiropractor. Your son gets to don a cool costume, hang out with his fun friend (the chiropractor's daughter) and be Backman at local festivities. Ladies Man had a great time with the gig. Can you tell?

3) I had another family project in mind, but unfortunately for Ladies Man and Miss Innocent One, they were the only kids home to get in on it.

Ladies Man (with a sigh): Now what time are we starting?

Me: 9:00.

Ladies Man (exhaling in true Napolean Dynamite form): Okay. . .

Me: But we'll only work until noon. We'll just get as much done as we can by lunch time and be done.

Ladies Man: That sounds reasonable.

What? Has formal thinking developed in this child that he actually recognizes it? Glory be!

4) Kevin: Why are we always waiting on you guys?

Ladies Man: You're the bear and we're the cubs. That's the way it's supposed to work.

Anybody get how that explains it?

5) We enjoyed watching the annual Homestead Days Parade on Saturday. The high school band marched by with Drama Queen leading the snare drummers. She's the middle snare player with the brown ponytail. Can you see Drummer Boy on the far end of the line, marching alongside for the first time as an instructor?

Ladies Man made his debut in the band. He kept telling us he was going to stink, but I think he looked pretty good. He's the tall trombone player second from this end. He marched in step, held his horn high and his slide synchronized with the girl next to him, so he must have been playing the right notes.

Nice job, guys! We're proud of you!

6) Even Miss Innocent One participated in the parade. She rode a float for the Junior Firefighters. See her waving to us in the red shirt?

It's the first parade we witnessed as parents without kids. Talk about making a person feel old! They're growing up. . .sniff, sniff.

7) While we're in a wistful mood thinking of children growing up, I don't mind warning you that Toy Story 3 is NOT a good flick to watch if you have a newly graduated or soon to graduate child in your house. I've been having nightmares ever since seeing the movie, waking up in a panic about Drama Queen being a senior.

Man, this mother gig is tough. First they suck the life out of you and then they leave, ripping your heart out.

But for today, all my chicks are in my coop and I'm going to enjoy it. Have a great weekend friends and catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Rachelle said...

Ahh, nice stories. You make ME cry thinking about Toy Story & graduation. Love you!

shopannies said...

great post sounds if you all have been very active

D.J. at The Quiet Quill said...

So fun. So fun. I always love your quick takes!