Friday, December 24, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 113)

1) Merry Christmas Eve! How will you spend your day? I'll no doubt be in the kitchen most of the day. We'll go to church in the early evening, then have some people over for soup afterward. No oyster stew at our house. I endured enough of that as a child. Though my grandma insisted it was just like potato soup if she didn't give me any oysters, the flavor was still there. Sorry Grandma. I just never acquired the taste.

Christmas Day we're actually home and having our parents over for dinner. Kevin has agreed to help me make Chicken Cordon Bleu. Believe it or not, he found a great recipe for this dish himself and made it for my birthday a few years ago. Our friend said he set the bar too high for the rest of the husbands. We're also planning a heavenly dessert called Chocolate Decadence, another recipe he found and made for me on Valentine's Day. Sorry ladies. He's all mine. And I like him. A lot.

2) Miss Innocent One has been busy all week making the sweetest little gifts for her friends. See?

Aren't they cute?

3) I watched my first episode of Hoarders this week and I've been haunted ever since with the nagging urge to clean out my closets! And my cabinets. And all the dressers. Anything unsightly in my home makes me certain I'm headed to the danger zone where professionals will be needed. I think it would be good for me to watch it often. I might actually get my house in order!

4) We've been happy to have Drummer Boy home all week. I'm not sure he's spent a night at home since he moved into his own apartment in August. I had to laugh at him his first night here as he scavenged through the kitchen.

Drummer Boy: There's so much food here!

Then he told tales of the different foods he's been buying and the new concoctions he's putting together.

Drummer Boy: I finally realized, hey, I don't have to buy what Mom does. I can get whatever I want!

Oh the bonuses of growing up.

5) Our kids decided to draw names among themselves. It's actually kind of fun to see them shop for their person. It reveals a little of their personality. So does their wrapping. Here's Ladies Man's gift for Drama Queen. Dig that goofy grin (on the box, not the kid!)?

6) If one Superman movie wasn't enough, we sat through two more. I actually enjoyed number two better since Christopher Reeve was in the whole thing and in number three they conveniently send Lois Lane on vacation so we hardly see her(glory be). But to be honest, we weren't thrilled enough to sit through number four. I mean all the drama is gone when you know Superman won't ever be able to fall in love because being with a regular woman requires him to give up his super powers which spells disaster for Metropolis. A person can only take so much of this defeating the bad guys mumbo jumbo. I don't need to see anyone throw any more cars or drop heavy things inches from innocent civilians. If there's nothing juicy in his love life, what's the point?

7) We took the whole fam out to eat and to a movie last night. As the kids get older these times will be more and more rare, so we snatch 'em when we can. You know you live in a small town when the waiter is a personal friend who is happy to snap a picture for you (much to Drama Queen's dismay). Thank you Blake. And thank you Drama Queen for humoring your mother.

Have a very Merry Christmas, from the Boesiger bunch.


Miriam Pauline said...

Merry Christmas! Hope your day is relaxing and fun-filled with the family.

We are about to go look at Christmas lights. Tomorrow morning we will attend church. Two of the Chinese students that attend the church are coming to spend Christmas day with us so we are looking forward to that.

Enjoy having all the kids home. *See* you in the new year!

Christine said...

Merry Christmas!!! As for #3, my mom has hoarder tendencies and it has been scary at times going home for the holidays! But this past year she has really gotten a handle on her impulses and I think it is partially due to the fact that my sis and I threatened to send her to that show!! LOL!

I love the picture of all of you. What a beautiful family!!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Tami!