Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 120)

1) Miss Innocent One is getting up close and personal with the curse of being the youngest child. In the last week she's been the only kid home for five nights and spent all day Saturday with us. Her dad sympathized with her.

Kevin: Well, Miss Innocent One, you're stuck at home with Mom and Dad again.

Miss Innocent One: Yep.

She paused for a smile.

Miss Innocent One: I'm okay with that.

Isn't she sweet?! It's comments like this that earn her the title "Perfect Baby Angel Child" from her siblings. I keep wondering why they don't follow her lead and learn to butter up their mother!

2) The kids had a conniption over the young pictures of Kevin and I from Wednesday's post.

Drama Queen: Oh my gosh! You guys are the weirdest couple ever. Dad looks like a weirdie. You definitely grew into your looks.

Ladies Man: Just think about us. We already look good. We're going to look awesome when we're married.

Drama Queen: Yeah!

Ladies Man: High fives.

Oh brother. I hate to break it to 'em, but their kids will think they looked weird too.

3) Miss Innocent One has a terrible habit of talking on the phone with a friend while she's doing other things in her bedroom. The other day she sat in her chair quietly when her friend asked the question.

The Friend: Whatcha doin?

Miss Innocent One: Reading a book.

The Friend: Why?

Miss Innocent One: Because that's what happy girls do.


4) "Your blog," my mom said, shaking a finger at me, "is causing me to clean out my closets. The problem is, I think I'm just moving things from one closet to the other!"

I love it!

And my-quest-to-never-be-an-episode-of-Hoarders-update:

This week I started to clean out a very overstuffed file cabinet. It's gonna take a while! BABY! I found papers in there from 1986, records on vehicles which are long gone. There's almost an entire drawer of stuff from my teaching years which ended in 1990! Shall we call it the mother-of-all-file-cabinets?!

I also organized a shelf in the foyer closet (This is the daughter of the mother-of-all-closets. I'm doing it in shifts.) and cleared the bottom drawer in a massive file cabinet in my living room. Baby steps.

5) Here's a peek at how we've been spending our weekends lately.

This is Drama Queen in show choir. She's the pretty girl in the front row on the left. Every time I watch her perform I get a little teary-eyed seeing her so beautiful. My little girl is all grown up. Start praying now, people. This mama's already having a tough time thinking about this girl going off to college.

6) Smart aleck teenagers. When Drama Queen and Ladies Man were very late getting home after school, I texted to see where they were. Here's the response I got:

The earth jk jk lol :) we had to take a few people home

And speaking of texting, my kids have been telling me forever that I need to use T9. I've got an ancient, cheapo cell phone and have been texting the old-fashioned way, punching the number multiple times until I get the right letter. It's getting old and my texting is cutting into my living time, if you know what I mean, so I finally decided to give T9 a whirl. The problem is my cheapo phone will guess the wrong word and I have to switch back to abc mode to fix the errors. I'm not sure if it's worth using yet, but I'm sticking it out, giving it a good try.

The other night Drama Queen was at work when I took Ladies Man and Miss Innocent One out for dinner. I texted her to let her know where we were. I T9-ed my way through and meant to go back later and correct the wrong words my T9 chooses, but hit send instead. What I meant to send her was: "We are at Runza if you want to join us or I could bring something home."

What she got was: "We are at runwa he you want to john up or i could bring something good."

I thought for sure Drama Queen would have a heyday with it, but apparently she's used to my texting inabilities, because she responded with this: Chicken strip meal with a side salad would be great. I'll be there in 10 or 15 minutes.

7) My wonderful husband has been working his tail off remodeling Drama Queen's old bedroom into an office for me. Pictures will come as soon as I get the faux painting done on the walls which look bleh right now. This week Kevin brought home some COOL furniture to put in it. This man knows what I like.

Maybe it's the afterglow of our engagement anniversary, but this guy can do no wrong in my book lately. We're attending a marriage seminar at our church this weekend. If my warm fuzzies continue to grow, our kids may want to find somewhere else to go! Oops, now I did it. TMI.

I think you'll agree it's time for me to quit. Have a great weekend, friends. You can catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Kathleen@so much to say said...

#6: Hilarious! I loathe texting, having been forced to do it once or twice for my husband in the car. My little emergency cell phone isn't even on anybody's call list except the schools & sitters.