Friday, April 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 131)

1) We had a wonderful Easter complete with a great church service, beautiful weather, and spending time with our extended families. It was the kind of day I am ever aware of God's blessings on our life. Who am I to garner such favor? The great thing about the message of Easter is He paid for our shortcomings, not because we deserved it, but because He loves us. Who can comprehend such love? Not me. I stand in awe. And gratefulness. Thank You Lord Jesus!

2) As an added treat, Drummer Boy was home all weekend making for lively discussions and a full table at meal times again. I totally LOVED it, but I'm thinking some people may find it too much.

Case in point: We took church directory pictures on Saturday afternoon and while we were waiting for our turn, our kids were doing their usual goofy bantering, successfully pushing each others' buttons to get a rise, doing what siblings do best, but being very out there in the process. It was the type of moment Kevin and I just look at each other feeling completely out of control and wonder how we spawned this motley crew.

After pictures were finished, our associate pastor (and friend) who'd been sitting nearby as we waited, asked us, "Is it always that loud at your house?" Ha! Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we had to say, "When they're all home, yes."

Yep, they're a loud bunch, but they're a fun bunch and even with all the teasing it's obvious they like each other. We'll keep 'em.

3) Poor Miss Innocent One recovered from her tomato cage injury, but the antibiotic struck her colon. She was miserable for a few days. Then Ladies Man got some kind of stomach bug. Got vomit? Got diarrhea? WE did. Yuck.

4) Get a load of Ladies Man. An ill Miss Innocent One snagged the couch so he was stuck to do his recovering in our over sized chair which didn't really fit the bill for him.

Yeah. This kid's gonna be huge. At least that's what Drummer Boy keeps telling him.

5) Miss Innocent One got a little giddy on the way home from school.

Miss Innocent One: Watch out, Mom. You almost hit that girl.

Me: I did not. I wasn't even close.

Miss Innocent One: Look out. Watch it. You're going to hit that squirrel.

I swerved around the already dead squirrel.

Miss Innocent One: Oh, you nailed it. Nice job, Mom. You're like an angel of death.

Me: It was already dead!

Miss Innocent One: Now be careful. There's more kids. Don't hit them. Oh wait, actually you can hit That One Kid.

It was my turn for a jab.

Me: That One Kid wanted to marry you when you were like in third grade.

Miss Innocent One: No. Your memory is all wrong.

Me: No. I'd remember something like that.

Miss Innocent One: I admit we played together a lot. We were friends, but that was it.

Me: No, he was like IN LOVE with you.

Miss Innocent One: Mother, we were young . . .

Oh brother.

6) For some reason Drama Queen and Ladies Man have decided specific traits they see in our family come from either their father or mother.

Drama Queen: Dad, we all know I get my drama from you.

Kevin: Why do you always say that? What do I do?

Me: Sorry honey. It's true. You are kind of dramatic.

Ladies Man: Yeah, and Miss Innocent One gets her ditziness from Mom.

(Two slams in one. This boy is good. Or bad? Which is it?)

Me: I don't know why you say that.

Ladies Man: Mom, you are not really with it in the morning.

Me: That is so not true!

Drama Queen: You keep asking the same questions.

Kevin (surprisingly coming to my rescue): Because you don't answer them!

Drama Queen and Ladies Man shook their heads at each other in their smug, our-poor-stupid-parents way which irked the snot out of me. I wanted to squirt ketchup all over them and thought about shoving the table their way suddenly, giving them a shocker to the gut, but seeing how I'm such a patient, self-controlled saint, I stifled it. Yeah. It was something like that. Now I know what my mom meant when she told me and my siblings she hoped we'd have kids just like us. Just you wait, Drama Queen and Ladies Man. Your days of being mocked are coming!

7) We're down to two weeks until graduation.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can . . .

That's all for me today, friends. Jump start your weekend by reading more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Annette said...

I love your family banter. I miss you guys.