Friday, June 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 137)

1) After taking the picture of the instruments in my kitchen last week, I got to thinking about how many other instruments we have in the house. There's a piano and guitar in the living room, an electric guitar in Ladies Man's room, a soprano sax, a tenor sax, a flute, a recorder and another clarinet in the foyer closet, an alto sax on the upstairs porch, another trombone in our guest room and an antique pump organ in our foyer. Oh, and that doesn't count the trap set and oboe we've loaned out.

But we're not musical. Oh brother.

2) And speaking of the foyer closet, I'm happy to say I finally got it organized. This was no small feat as this closet wraps under the front staircase. It houses pictures, coats, folding chairs, shoes, toys and instruments. It's the place we dump things when we don't know what else to do with. I know I did a good job because Miss Innocent One opened the door looking for her shoes and went, "Whoa! Who cleaned out the closet?"

Of course that was about the dumbest question I ever heard. Really, there's any doubt who did it? Who else in my family would even THINK about cleaning out a closet? (If you're offended, my dear loved ones, feel free to prove me wrong!)

This anti-hoarder thing has been great for my house and knowing I have to report to you is just enough motivation to keep going. Plus on those days I'm feeling uninspired in my writing and the hours tick away as I stare at my computer screen, I feel less stressed about the time I spend thinking instead of putting my house in order. The way I look at it, having an organized, de-hoarded house will make me a better writer. (One can dream, right?)

3) Get this. Ladies Man is even growing out of his socks! They barely stay on his heel! I've been noticing tons and tons of holes all over his socks in places one doesn't normally get them, like the bottom of his foot, not the heel or the ball, but the arch or the side. I couldn't understand it until I saw this and realized he's stretching them out so bad they spring holes wherever.

He tells me the new shoes he got in January are ripping out and feeling a little tight too. Yikes!

I thought it might be fun to take another picture of our feet next to each other. As you look at this, keep in mind that my foot is no small potato. I wear a size 10 shoe!

As Drummer Boy says, "That kid is huge."

4) This week we caught an episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Talk about inspiring! This 23-year-old kid lost around 250 pounds in one year! He basically got a whole new life. With his weight loss came more confidence in himself and a greater willingness to put himself out there and experience all life has to offer. It was an amazing transformation, not only physically, but emotionally. I was so happy for him and his new found freedom.

5) My children thoroughly enjoyed watching me watch Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. They mock me on a consistent basis. There must be a secret code for adolescents, requiring them to make fun of their parents. They noticed me getting a little teary over the show and couldn't let it go.

Drama Queen: Are you crying, Mommy (Hint: Use of the word "Mommy" is a dead giveaway I'm in for it.)?

Ladies Man: Are you going to be okay, Mommy?

Drama Queen (sticking her face into mine): Are you?

Ladies Man: Do you need a kleenex?

Me: You people are mean to me.

Ladies Man: SHUT . . . UP!

That got a big laugh out of Drama Queen who went to Ladies Man immediately for high fives. Then the two of them bombarded me in a gigantic hug nearly smothering me to death.

Drama Queen: Oh, Mommy, it's okay. We love you.

Ladies Man: Yeah, we love you, Mommy.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. Love me by not treating my like an idiot!

6) Drummer Boy is not living at home this summer and I have to admit I kinda miss him. With his busy, busy schedule, we didn't see him much this last semester. I know he's in good hands, though, as he moved in with my mom last week. He's already told us he enjoys being spoiled by Grandma with food.

Just in case you're reading this Drummer Boy, make sure you don't take your wonderful grandmother for granted and buy some groceries yourself every once in a while.

Oh, and yeah, we love you.

7) I think we may actually have a full Saturday with nothing on the agenda. My girls are talking about hitting the water park and after seeing my bare, white shoulders and legs, I think I may need to join them. I need some sun, people! Now watch, it will rain or be like 50 degrees. If so, we'll make the best of it and this lady will make a cleaning list for us to complete.

Or just sit around the living room on computers. We're pretty good at that.

Whatever you do, ENJOY your weekend, friends. Take a peek at more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen@so much to say said...

The burning question is: now that the closet is organized, can anyone find anything???? :)

Oh, that was suspiciously non-supportive. I'm all for the reorganization...we need to do that in our garage. Badly.

Tami Boesiger said...

Kathleen--OF COURSE we can find things. Isn't that the point of cleaning it out? I got rid of two bags of garbage and one bag for Salvation Army, so there's much less to look for!