Thursday, June 23, 2011

That's Who I Be

Miss Innocent One swung, the bat cracked and the softball flew over the shortstop's head. Luckily (?) her siblings were in attendance and when she got to first base Ladies Man shouted.

Yeah. That's right. That's who you be!

We've been hearing a lot of the phrase lately. When I compliment him on his hair I get it . . .

That's who I be.

If we mention how loud the kids are getting at the dinner table . . .

That's who we be.

When I question his summer routine . . .

That's who I be.

I wonder if I should apply the phrase to myself. When my eyes wander and come up short in comparison, I need to remember I have my own style, my own way. I am unique and created perfectly.

I may be a slow runner, but wasn't it the slow, steady pace of the snail that won the race?

That's who I be.

I may not possess the poetic, gorgeous flow of my favorite writers, but I have my own voice.

That's who I be.

I'm no theologian, but God still speaks to me.

That's who I be.

I'm not the smartest or the strongest or the prettiest or the -est of anything, but my life is good and full and blessed.

That's who I be.

Who I be is not such a terrible thing. Who YOU be isn't either. Can you see it? It may take practice since you might be used to dismissing yourself, but your beautiful, distinctive you is there. Find it, accept it and embrace it.

That's who you be.

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Anonymous said...

And those of us that know you love who you be friend! :) Don't stop.