Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 142)

1) Drama Queen: Who was the cutest baby out of all us kids?

Me: How do you rate that? You had different things about you that were cute.

Drama Queen: Like what?

Me: Drummer Boy had those cute ears that stuck out.

Drama Queen: Yeah, like flaps. What about me?

Me: You had a little nose.

Drama Queen: And Ladies Man?

I looked at Kevin who I knew was thinking the same thing.

Me: He just had that ginormous head.

Miss Innocent One: What about me?

Me: You had pretty eyes and eyebrows and cute toes.

Drama Queen: How can eyebrows be cute?

Me: They laid just right.

Drama Queen (projecting her toe envy on account of her own ugly toes): Well, her toes aren't so hot.

Me: I used to worry about your butt.

Drama Queen: What?

Me: You had this huge butt. (to Kevin) Remember? I was so worried she'd have to live with that.

Kevin: Yeah. She talked about it all the time.

Drama Queen: RUDE!

Kevin: It's okay. You grew into your butt the same way Ladies Man grew into his head.

True. And Drummer Boy grew into his ears and Miss Innocent One still has cute toes. It's all good.

2) Ladies Man was gone all last week touring with Esprit de Corps, a singing group out of Lincoln, NE. They performed a concert at our church Saturday night.

It is an awesome sight to see 75 teenagers truly worshiping God. Their enthusiasm and sincerity is breathtaking. It makes me certain there is a God.

3) Sigh. We haven't talked to Drummer Boy all week. He's been working hard as a counselor at UNL Band Camp.

Since I can't see him, I've been stalking him online and got a kick out of the way his tweets of the week answer the question, "You know you're in band geek country when you hear . . ."

So far at this camp I've taken candy as bribes from students 3 times...(and the follow up comment--"I told a bedtime story in exchange for gummy worms.")

Oh my feet. I'm not even marking time.

Overheard in a crowd of campers: "We should throw a party tonight. I've got the fig newtons!"

4) Oh my, I am totally going to hear from Drama Queen about how creepy I am for stalking her brother. Maybe I should make it worse by showing I stalk her too. Isn't this the reason parents have Facebook? Here's a picture I swiped from her page.

She hasn't updated her status much. Mostly she's been commenting on other people's Facebook pages (hmmm, does that maker HER a stalker?), but this status caught my eye.

"Ahhhh, home videos. Good stuff."

And Drummer Boy liked it. I knew they thought we were okay.

5) Miss Innocent One is counting the days until her thirteenth birthday in August when she can finally get a Facebook account. Do you suppose reading this post may discourage her?

I wish I had a photo of her this week as she is as tan as a person can be. For a twelve-year-old, there are not many ways to keep yourself occupied in the summer, so she and her friends are at the pool often. Sadly, I'm a deficient mother and didn't get one snapped. Maybe next week. You'll have to trust me. This girl is TAN!

Hey, how about a picture from last week, just so she doesn't feel left out? Here's a few of the girls on her softball team posing for a picture at the firework stand of their sponsor.

6) Ladies Man is proving he could be called Renaissance Man. He tried his hand at making a smoothie the other night.

Don't you love his presentation skills? He thought of that apple garnish on his own, cutting it horizontally to provide the hole in the middle. Since he just dumped a lot of stuff in, I was skeptical to taste it, but it was really good, so good I asked for more.

Ah, perhaps there's a job I can hand over. I vote Ladies Man as the official smoothie maker for the Boesiger household. Yes. Do you s'pose I can convince him the duties include cleaning up after himself too?

7) The daughter of some of our dearest friends is getting married this weekend. We're looking forward to a rip-roaring time with our favorite people (Did you hear the chicken dance?). I must admit, though, I'm not crazy about moving into the parents-of-the-couple generation. Next thing you know I'll be donning orthopedic shoes and getting my blue hair styled. I know some of you are thinking, what's the big deal? Embrace the next stage of life. Enjoy it.

Yeah. And those of you saying that are probably like 30. Psht.

And with that we call it a day. Have a great weekend, as I plan to, and catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Kathleen@so much to say said...

I'm 36, can I say how nice it would be to have kids that age? :)

However, as the gray hairs proliferate on my head, and my right pointer finger swells up and gets stiff every night, I have to admit I have to work to have a good attitude about aging myself. At my tender age. LOL