Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 147)

1) I had a GREAT time at a Women of Faith conference last weekend. Our seats were awesome (You ROCK, Rachelle!) and the speakers walked right by us every time they entered and exited the stage. Their "porch" was just a few feet away. One of the highlights was getting autographs and a picture with Mandisa. She was a sweetheart.

2) Kevin sang with a men's quartet at an assisted living facility and much to my surprise, Drama Queen wanted to know what time they were singing.

Me: Why? You want to go?

Drama Queen: Hello?! It's quartet music.

Who is this person and what has she done with my daughter?!

Me: I'm not going. I've got too much to do. Besides, quartet music isn't my thing. Your grandparents are going if you want to go with them.

So she did! Later I got a text from her.

"Once again . . . your husband is a freaking stud. You're missin out."

Who knew Kevin would get such points for singing quartet music?!

3) One of the reasons dinner is never boring at our house:

4) It was a week of firsts. Miss Innocent One started school on Tuesday.

Ladies Man started school on Wednesday.

We took Drama Queen to college on Thursday.

5) And speaking of Drama Queen and college . . . oh boy, leaving that girl was hard. A few people have asked me if it was easier having done it before, but I can say from experience now--Are you freaking kidding me?! Still tough. Every child gone is a unique loss.

Before I left, I had to get my last "Mom" words in.

Me: I love you. It's going to be great. It's normal to feel homesick and sad, but it will be okay. This will be a really good thing for you.

Drama Queen: Are you saying this to me or to you?

Yep. Nailed me. I wasn't five minutes down the road when I got a text from her saying, "You're not crying and driving right? You shoulda taken a water bottle for the ride home to replenish your fluids."

Ha! She knows me. Love you babe!

6) Let's talk about something happier now, shall we? Miss Innocent One was quite excited to receive the latest issue of American Girl magazine.

She entered a contest to design tennis shoes and her design was chosen! Here's the page where it appears. Hers is smack dab in the middle, the one with cookies and milk.

Congratulations babe!

7) We're headed up to the University of Nebraska to watch Drummer Boy at the Cornhusker Band Exhibition. It's become a family tradition now and always a good time. Drummer Boy says his hair is grown out some already so we won't have to be afraid of him. If any of you are interested in a free, fun evening at Memorial Stadium, venture on up.

That's all for this Friday, folks. I gotta say I'm glad to be finishing this one. The week's taken a toll on me. I'm ready for a weekend! Hope you enjoy yours too. Look for more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Lisa Maria said...

Congrats to Miss Innocent One! What an achievement! Your daughter's dorm room looks much like my daughter's (guess they're all the same!)

Good luck to all the children gone back to school! Mine start in a couple of weeks.. I'm looking forward to having my days to myself again, but NOT the traffic!

Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

You have such an awesome family. Love you guys.

Kathleen Basi said...

Oh, I love Drama Queen's text message! That is AWESOME.

Congrats to Miss Innocent One!

Tami Boesiger said...

Lisa Maria--A dorm is a dorm room is a dorm room. Hope your kids' transition back to school goes smoothly.

Annie--Love you girl!

Kathleen--Drama Queen's name could also be Texting Queen. That girl is animal with a phone!