Thursday, August 11, 2011

Still Feeling the Love

I'm still giddy.

Never mind that I'm a middle-aged woman who's now been married for a quarter of a century, I feel like a young girl in love. I can't think straight. I dawdle at my keyboard. I look at pictures of my husband and me. I re-read the kind comments of others. I sit. I smile. I thank the good Lord in heaven.

Though my silver anniversary has passed, my joy has not. God's design for marriage is perfectly wonderful, isn't it? Who knew that after twenty-five years together a couple could still have so much fun, would still pick the other first, would still want the other? I never gave it much thought, I guess, but what a lovely plan God created in the idea of mates, establishing a life time together to truly know each other. So beautiful.

Tuesday night as we toasted to us under a hazy, moonlit sky, all felt right with the world. This is what marriage is supposed to be--comfortable, exciting, fun, to rest in each other without shame or expectations, to know love and acceptance here on earth the way God offers. Is this what Eden felt like every day?

Forgive me for laying on more sap this week (and please understand all is not roses in the Boesiger house!), but I just can't help it. A special occasion brings your blessings front and center. It tells me the work is worth it. The sacrifices, the biting of tongues, the giving up of what you'd really like for the sake of another, it's all worth it for the joy of becoming more and more one. It takes time and effort and a whole lot of patience, but the prize is priceless.

So here's to marriage, God's physical illustration of Christ and His bride. May we live up to His standard and experience the joy He intended.

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Melanie said...

I know what you mean. We will celebrate our 26th this month. It's not perfect, but it is lovely. Congratulations to you and your dh. Blessings!

Christy S said...

Celebrated our 25th last year & would have been our 26th last month. It's a blessing to hear that you appreciate what you have. Hard to hear ladies complain about their spouses at this point in my life.

Joshlin said...

Great post! You here so many coplain and so many marriages don't make it very long. We will be married 8 years next year. I can't wait to hit 25 and 50 years with my Hubby! Your story makes my heart so happy!!! Have a wonderful day!

Lisa Maria said...

Tami.. I'm so happy for you. I am enjoying the best years of my marriage now myself. The earlier years weren't this good! I agree with everything you say here. I recently told him I feel like a teenager in love! (much to my teenagers' disgust lol)

I remember when I was only married about 3 years and had two children, my neighbour next door used to complain all the time about her husband and I thought.. is this what I am to expect?

Well, I've learned that you have to focus on the good and filter out the other stuff. Look for things to be grateful for and have positive vibes. The days I snipe in my mind at my husband are not good days.. I do better when I brush off my petty irritations.

Congrats again!

Phather Phil Malmstrom said...

Amen Tami! I'm very blessed to have a similar bond with my wife Shannon, and find God in our marriage daily. :-)

Congratulations once again, and have a Blessed Day!

Eileen Leacock said...

Can not wait to be there. Congrats. You are an inspiration to many. People are always amazed at how long I have been married like it is some kind of record.

Enjoy your marriage friend :)

jhunnelle said...

Wow silver anniversary, that's indeed a blessing, I've been married for more than 2 years.

May the Lord grant you another 25 years together.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.


Nancie said...

Hi Tami,

Thank God for blessing your marriage. It's nice to read of the warm love you feel for one another. May God continue to bless your marriage! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Warm regards,