Monday, November 14, 2011

A Note to Men About PMS

Yes, we know we're volatile. Unpredictable. A bit crazy even.

But that doesn't mean the things we blow up about aren't justified. It's not that it's never bothered us before. The issue has been there all along and we've been able to overlook it. We've always noticed the glasses you leave all over the house, the clothes which never make it to the laundry basket, the lights you leave on, the toilet paper roll you never change. It takes only a few seconds to take care of it ourselves and we're happy to do it. We know you don't see we got the oil changed and made your favorite food for supper. Yet we understand it's no big deal. You are busy doing important work. We're proud of you and are fully capable of handling things on our own. We are, after all, your help meet.

But when hormones kick in we lose our tolerance, our normal level of grace. Suddenly you're not so cute anymore and neither are your annoying habits. We wonder if anything we do matters. And really, do we have to do everything?! When is it my turn to sit on the couch and watch t.v.? And you never bring me flowers anymore.

We realize these things fly out of our mouths and blindside you. We wish we could take them back the minute we hear them. It's like our capacity for self-control diminishes 1000%. We don't mean to be monsters. Believe it or not, we're holding back half of what we'd LIKE to say. We're actually working very hard to smush the grr within.

So thank you for your patience during these crazy days. We will continue to fight through them as we know you do too. Try to remember who we really are, okay? Most days we're on your team and deep down we still are when the hormones rage. We've been given this curse thanks to Adam and Eve who BOTH ate the fruit. We're in this together. Aren't you so happy?

Photo Credit: patries71

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Cin said...

So. Funny.
Laughing out loud over coffee. Thank you!