Thursday, April 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 181)

1) My guys have finished their P90X series. I've gotta give 'em credit. They made it. I thought it would last a few weeks and they'd be done, but they proved me wrong. And I don't even mind not being able to say, "I told you so."

Ladies Man is scaring me slightly though, as he's been cutting sleeves off shirts like nobody's business. This week we caught him wearing two of Drama Queen's cutoff shirts! The tighter the shirt, the more the guns show, you know. He bursts into a room and does as many plyo pushups (pushups with a clap in the middle and your feet leaving the floor too!) as he can. The pull-up bar has become a fixture in the doorway between the kitchen and the office and he absolutely cannot pass by it without ripping off some pull-ups. As much as I want to shake my head and roll my eyes, I'm taking great joy in seeing his confidence level rise.

The question for them has become, "Now what?" Kevin is quite certain he's not going to embark on another routine requiring grueling workouts six days a week, but doesn't want to lose the muscle tone he's worked so hard for. Any suggestions?

2) Congratulations to Drummer Boy who found out he'll be the snare drum rank leader in the University of Nebraska band next fall. He wrote something on Facebook about how he'd already been living his middle school dream of playing on the line and never imagined he'd get to LEAD it someday. I remember him in middle school, how he'd put on his Eric Crouch jersey and be so serious about the game. If it wasn't going well he'd stomp up to his room all upset and we'd need to give him some space. But I also remember he wasn't one of those who took half time to stretch and get snacks. He always waited to see if they were going to show the band and talked about how one day he wanted to be one of those guys. One day has come and gone beyond now. Wow.

When he texted me the big news I responded with: So my little drummer boy is center stick at a major big ten university. impressive! proud of you!

For some reason he didn't text me back after that. You don't suppose at nearly 22 years old he's sick of being referred to as "my little drummer boy," do you? Whatever. We're happy for you and so proud, my dear son. Congratulations!

3) Miss Innocent One tried her hand at the Katniss braid.

Not a bad job, except people asked her all day why she didn't finish the braid. She said it looked weird, but I think she just got tired of braiding. One kid asked her why she was sporting the side ponytail and her dad said she looked a little "deb-like" after the character in Napolean Dynamite. I'm just glad she's able to do these things on her own now. Her hair-challenged mother has to exercise extreme self-control not to swear or throw a hissy fit whenever doing hair. I hate it and stink at it. I informed my girls at an early age not to expect much. Miss Innocent One was okay with it until Drama Queen moved out. Now she's sucking it up and figuring it out on her own.

I'm bad at hair, don't like doing crafts, hate cleaning, and have made maybe two pies in my lifetime, but at least I don't mind shopping now. I may still qualify as a woman.

4) I did something I rarely do last week. I waxed and plucked my eyebrows. MAMA!!!!, did it hurt! I thought myself a total wimp until a couple days later I noticed I had a few SCABS where eyebrows used to be! I've always accepted that I have coarse hair, but hello, leaving SCABS confirms this is a major hairy deal for me, doesn't it? (Yes, I see what I just said!) No wonder I've avoided this so long. On the plus side, my eyebrows do look better (if you don't notice the scabs).

5) Ladies Man is adding to his harmonica repertoire. This week he added "Happy Birthday" and the Bridal March. And I do believe I heard remnants of the Andy Griffith Show theme song. Kevin ordered him two new real harmonicas, so you may want to be praying for us. We're going to fall asleep each night by harmonica. And you'd be surprised at the number of places he thinks harmonica music adds ambiance. It's fun hearing his new songs, but I'm still glad I have an office with a door.

6) And speaking of Ladies Man, he has big news too. He found out he'll be a drum major next year in his high school band. Miss Innocent One said it should work out well as he's so big he may not even need a ladder! It will be fun seeing him walk out on the field with his fellow drum major, a girl who's at least a foot shorter than him. I think he'll be terrific at it. He is a loud kinda guy who loves to pump people up. Congratulations, bud. We're proud of you!

7) We have another low-key weekend on tap which I find completely glorious. These things don't happen often in our house and probably won't for another month so I will definitely be relishing it. First up, lunch with Drama Queen today (whoop! whoop! and BONUS!!!! she'll be moving home soon for the summer). The rest of Friday and Saturday is totally open. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want to do it. Spectacular. Can you hear me sighing? Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Let the weekend begin! Start yours by taking in more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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dianne said...

OUCH to the eyebrow thing! I pluck on rare occasions but waxing - can't do it. I hear you on the pies though - I can bake anything else but pies. "Let 'em eat cake!" (Got one in the oven right now!)