Friday, June 01, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 186)

1) I get my best writing ideas while in the shower or just getting out of the shower, a most inconvenient time to run to your computer and type it out before you forget. I keep a small notebook on my bedside table and am often running over to grab it quick. It gives the phrase, "the naked truth" a whole 'nother meaning, don't you think? Or wait, maybe you better not think about that too much.

2) We spent some time with my extended family over the Memorial Day weekend. I had to laugh at my four-year-old nephew's question for Kevin.

Nephew: Why do you have so many kids?

Kevin (taken aback, not sure he heard him right): What?

Nephew: Why do you have so many kids?

We looked at each other and laughed.

Me: I guess we like each other too much.

Kevin: We got started and just couldn't quit.

And that was a good enough answer enough for him. Ha.

3) Both our sons recently got "toe shoes."

Here's Drummer Boy in his:

Ladies Man's shoes actually make his gigantic feet look smaller.

I just realized this week the upside to these shoes is no washing smelly man socks. The downside? Think of where the smell comes from in those socks and think of where it goes now. I don't know about Drummer Boy's shoes, but Ladies Man's are toxic. Thank the Lord for deodorizing foot spray!

4) I got home after being gone all day and found Ladies Man engrossed in Xbox.

Me: Have you been doing that all day?

Ladies Man (irritated I would even suggest it): No!

Me: What else did you do?

Ladies Man: Hello? Matlock!

Stupid me.

5) I'm super happy my kids are into fitness (or is it vanity, wanting to be "hot?"), but I'm getting very tired of folding all their t-shirts they've cut the sleeves off of. They're just awkward and don't flip around the way a normal t-shirt does. And personally, I don't understand what makes them good workout clothes. Aren't they more floppy that way? Don't they hang down when you bend over? I truly don't get the advantage.

But what do I know? I'm some old fuddy duddy who doesn't want half her body exposed when she works out. I've got stuff drooping (and it ain't my clothing, people) as I bend over. Nobody wants to see that, especially me! Bleh.

6) For weeks we've been trying to get Miss Innocent One some awesome looking Converse shoes. We found some she loved, but the store didn't carry her size and offered to have them delivered to our home. Converse shoes are unisex, meaning the same shoes come in men and women's sizes. The particular model she found was labeled as a women's shoe, but came in both men and women's sizes, so there was more than a little confusion as to what size to order. Twice we got the wrong size and Miss Innocent One was ready to settle for a different, much less sparkly pair, just to get the ordeal settled.

Me: But that's not the one you really want. You should get the one you really want.

Miss Innocent One: I could have these today.

Me: But the ones you want will be worth the wait.

Miss Innocent One: They messed it up twice. They're just going to do it again.

Me: Let's give it one more try.

When pair number three got to our house, it was exactly what we wanted.

Miss Innocent One (so happy she had to admit the truth): You were right, Mom.

Me (never one to pass up a chance to rub it in): See?! I told you! I'm always right.

Miss Innocent One: Yes, Mother.

Since then, she had to admit I was right about finding her a swimsuit and her makeup for the summer musical. I love it.

And to the rest of my dear children, don't you forget it! Your mother is always right!!!

7) We've spent every night but one this week preparing for our summer church musical. If you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, check us out. We'd love to see you! It's free!

That's it for today, friends. Find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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