Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 189)

1) Drummer Boy doesn't like to spend money on his hair. His friend who normally cuts it for him is in Florida all summer and he's been pressed to find someone else who wants to tackle the job. He asked my mom.

Drummer Boy: Grandma, will you buzz my head for me?

Grandma: Absolutely not! I don't want something like that delivering my pizza!

He found some buddies more than willing to do it and if you don't count the crooked hairline in the back, they did a pretty good job.

2) We attended a wedding last weekend and towards the end of the ceremony, my friend quietly asked if I knew anyone who could operate the church's mechanical lift. A chandelier in the reception room had not been lit and the switches were near the top of the ceiling. It shows God has a wonderful sense of humor as I've spent many hours in that lift painting sets for programs at church and knew exactly how to operate the thing. It was quite exciting as we rushed to get the job done before the wedding was over. I've donned all sorts of clothing in that lift, but never imagined myself being so fancy in it!

And here's the end result. Totally worth the hassle, don't you think?

3) Some days Drama Queen has little patience for her brother.

Drama Queen (to Ladies Man): You're an idiot.

Kevin: Hey, this family is about love.

Drama Queen (not missing a beat): I love how you're an idiot.

4) We found a great little chair for my office at a salvage warehouse. I love its shape and comfort, but the best thing about it is the way it smiles at me every day.

Don't you love it?!

5) Me (to my other kids): Miss Innocent One helped me pick out a Father's day card for Dad. I think you'll like it.

Ladies Man: Does it have something to do with dogs and cheese curds?


6) Remember Drama Queen's "talent" for matching people with the animal they resemble? She's always called her dad a koala bear. The kids thought themselves brilliant when they found this t-shirt for Father's Day.

I also found the perfect gift. Kevin is a huge fan of the show Wipeout, so when I found a Wipeout Wii game, I knew I had to buy it. I figured it was good for a laugh, but it's totally exceeded my expectations as it's turned into a great father-kid bonding thing. They've played it WITH him every day this week!

7) Miss Innocent One's been taking a pottery class and came home yesterday complaining about how much better her friend's piece looked than hers. I am well familiar with that sort of angst and without thinking gave her the spiel I give myself.

Me: Well, somebody has to have the bad one so other people can feel good about theirs.

Miss Innocent One: Wow. Nice pep talk, Mom.

Oops. Yet another reason I won't be receiving Mother of the Year. Oh well.

I hope you all have a perfectly wonderful weekend. You can find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen Basi said...

#2--that is gorgeous! Like something out of a fairy tale.


Shelley said...

Always love your quick takes and YES that chair totally smiles ... great purchase!