Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 197)


Not many people can be out of the drumming loop for over a year and get their chops back in shape to be competitive. But she did it! They only picked two new players and she was one of them. Boom diggity! Drummer Boy tells us she was the best rookie they had. So now my kids are playing together at the college level. So, so exciting!
Not sure who's idea these outfits were. The girls look cute, but the boys and those pasty white legs. . . just saying. Our Drummer Boy is smack dab in the middle with his amazing sister, Drama Queen, on the right end.

Awesome, awesome job, you guys. SOOOO proud of you, your patience and perseverance, Drama Queen. We're looking forward to seeing you AND your brother strut your stuff this fall. I just may wet myself.

2) I have a confession to make. I am a hypocrite. After my last post preaching to you to "just say no," my family went out for ice cream. I justified it by saying I don't do it all the time, which I don't and I ate a very healthy dinner, which I did, but I still carried guilt as evidenced by the following conversation. Clearly I have food issues and you should feel sorry for my husband who does his very best to build me up.

Kevin: You look good.

Me: Honey, it's dark.

Kevin: Well, you looked good tonight.

Me: Was that before or after I had the chocolate malt?

Poor guy. Do you see what I put him through?

3) We had a superb time in Texas at our niece's wedding. Is this a beautiful picture of the bride and groom or what?
Congratulations Hannah and Caleb! We love you.

4) And here's a peek at the rest of us at the wedding. Drummer Boy and Drama Queen weren't able to make the trip to Texas because of drumline auditions. Boo. But we made the trek with these folks. Ladies Man's girlfriend blessed us with her presence.
Got a great pic with Miss Innocent One. She's looking older, don't you think? Yikes!
We enjoyed staying in a house with Kevin's mom and dad and caravaned back with them Monday.
Sitting WITH my husband at a wedding was a rare treat. Usually he's at the piano and I'm in the audience listening to people talk about the great piano player.
Good, good times.

5) I am feeling like a new woman now that we've finished our Christmas musical script. It's been such a big part of my summer that I've stopped myself a couple of times this week and thought, "Wait, what am I going to do today?" We're entering new territory with this one, our first two act show. Hopefully it will be engaging enough that people won't care if it's long. If you think otherwise, PLEASE don't tell me. I may have a stroke.

6) Our kids at home start school on Tuesday and Wednesday. It's time. I'm getting very tired of listening to Mario Kart and Disney netflix reruns. I know for myself, the busier I am, the more I get done. I'm hoping school will kick them out of slug mode and they'll feel motivated to get some things done at home too. When you have all day to do something, it's too easy to put those somethings off. For instance, Ladies Man has been going off with friends every day and I finally confronted him with his lack of doing anything at home.

Me: Where are you going now? You haven't been home at all. When are you going to clean your room? It's a disaster.

Ladies Man: Mom, I cleaned my room twice this summer!

Oh, stupid me. I was under the impression a weekly go-over was a good practice!

7) We're headed up to Memorial Stadium tonight to watch the Cornhusker Band Exhibition. It'll be our first peek at the Boesiger kids in action. If you're looking for a free, fun evening wander up. Show starts at 7:00.

And that's the week in review here. Hope your week was good and you enjoy a great weekend. Take in more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Kathleen Basi said...

I wish I was within range of Cornhusker Central to come to the show! I imagine us Tigers won't be seeing so much of you guys anymore in football stadiums. :)

The picture of the bride and groom? That's totally scrapbook-able. :)