Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 214)

Hey! Whats up?! Ladies Man and Princess Dawdle here. Today we are taking care of the Quick takes for our mom.

Numba 1: So it's almost Christmas and here are a couple tips how to shop cheap for that special person in your life.

-Make a bird feeder out of wood (optional: for the extreme people you could make a squirrel feeder out of wood)
-Wrap them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a note attach to it saying "I love you more than peanut butter loves jelly."
-Put coupons in their stockings. Over time that will save them a lot of money.
-Dollar General.
-Tie dye old underwear to make them think it's new!
-Tell them they were on the naughty list and get them nothing.

Numba 2: Over the holidays you get a lot of family time, so here's a couple family bonding activities you can do over your Christmas break.

-Hunt Squirrels.
-Bake cookies with love.
-Have a quilt sewing party.

Numba Tres: Now you have probably heard that I, Ladies Man, am pretty tall. But I have found someone bigger than me. He is a friend of our brother's.

Boom! I am 6ft and 5.5 inches tall. Guess how tall this guy is? He is 6ft and 8 inches tall!

Numba 4: There is an essential part of celebrating any holiday and that is pranking family and friends (Always remember pranking is fun until someone gets hurt, then it's just plain hilarious, but in all seriousness be safe and always wear your seat belt.) Here are some pranks you can pull during the Holiday Season.

- Wrap EVERYTHING in their room.
- Wake them up on Christmas Day by throwing a snow ball at their head.
- Fill their room with packing peanuts and turn the A/C down to make a winter wonderland.

Numba 5: There are a lot of arts and crafts stuff you can do over this holiday break but they are getting old and boring now, so here's some new ideas of what you could make for Christmas.

- Instead of a gingerbread house make a gingerbread mansion.
- Instead of baking Christmas cookies go all Cake Boss style and make a 3 tier cake with candy canes on it.
- Instead of making the traditional popcorn and cranberry string make an apple and McDonald's chicken nuggets string.
- Instead of making homemade ornaments make a TREE.

Numba 6: This one is for the kids. Do you have an awesome teacher that you would like to give a gift for Christmas? Well here's some ideas.

- You can always go the safe route and give them an apple but better yet just give them a watermelon.
- For music teachers get a kazoo.
- You could draw a portrait of them with Santa Claus.
- You could give them that homework assignment that was due 3 weeks ago.
- Make a mini Christmas tree out of macaroni noodles.

Numba 7: We couldn't think of a another quick take so we would like you to enjoy this picture of a bulldog in a baby swing.

Thanks for reading all the way through this post it really means a lot to us, and...."We Wish you a Merry Christmas" (you're supposed to sing what's in the quotes)
Have a Great Day!

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Deanna said...

nice work

Kathleen Basi said...

HA! Thanks for the laughs, guys. Watermelon! I'm going to remember that!