Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 219)

1) You'll recall Kevin was sick last week. Princess Dawdle caught it over the weekend and I started with it Tuesday. Yesterday was my birthday and I woke up with a fever. I've been telling people for weeks that the number is getting embarrassing and I need to quit having birthdays. Apparently God concurs.

As yucky as it sounds to be sick on your birthday, I found it to be a perfectly wonderful day. I laid around, played free cell, read, worked on a sudoku puzzle, and napped, all without an ounce of guilt. A few friends stopped by. I got some phone calls, enjoyed the Facebook frenzy and received lots of texts. A good, good day.

2) It's been a few weeks since we've seen Drummer Boy and I miss him. We'll see him Saturday, but until then I've been stealing glimpes of this cute picture he's had on Facebook. Love you, Drummer Boy.

3) Ladies Man: Princess Dawdle, you better not get a boyfriend your first year of high school.

Princess Dawdle (who is currently in 8th grade): I can't. I have to be 16.

Ladies Man: It'll be really hard for a kid in Band to date you (You can bet he'll be a hovering drum major). I can throw most of them across the room.

Is this protective older brother or proud I'm-a-dude behavior?

4) Drama Queen asked me to review a presentation she made for a class. I gave her a few suggestions, one of which was to change a picture she had included of me. I quickly got this email back which is so like her I laughed out loud:

Thank you!! Made all the changes! Minus the picture of you because I deleted them after I finished the powerpoint and there is nothing wrong with the one I have. Deal with it.

5) And now it's time for Kevin's Korner!

Sunglasses. How can something as simple as sunglasses cause kids to mock you? I have had to wear glasses since 6th grade. Sunglasses were never an option for me. This past summer when I got a new prescription for my glasses I also invested in a pair of over-the-glasses sunglasses. It was a cheaper option than getting prescription sunglasses. Almost instantly upon arrival home Drama Queen was chuckling at the size my new purchase. Now since I am not used to having sunglasses it did not take me long to lose leave them behind somewhere. For my next pair, I decided to consult with my children to make sure the new ones would be acceptable. They helped me pick out a new pair of over-the-glasses sunglasses at the Walmart in Okoboji when we were on vacation but I still saw their snickers behind my back. Well that pair lasted a little longer but they followed the demise of the first pair which brings me to this week. I went to Walmart to pick up a few things and happened past the sunglasses. I found what I felt was the best pair yet. I threw them in the cart, checked out and headed home. I laid the sunglasses out on the counter for the next morning's drive to work and it was no more than 5 minutes when the mocking began. It was 5 minutes, I tell you. They still had the tag on, I had not even donned them and starting with Ladies Man and quickly trickling down to the girls in the house, EVERYONE was mocking the new shades, even my lovely bride! Here's the kicker. I guess the size is what makes them dorky. They are a little bigger because they have to fit over my glasses but when I insisted they were not any bigger than Tami's, I was assured hers were fashionable. So, over-the-glasses sunglasses are officially nerdy no matter the look. I guess I should just accept my lot in life. After all I do listen to "Nerd People Radio," which is a rant for another day.

Keep Kicking It!

6) My children have an unspoken contest between them to produce the best response from me for my birthday or Mother's Day. Last year Drummer Boy "won" with his super sweet status on Facebook giving him bragging rights for probably the next ten years.

This year Drama Queen got in early on the Facebook wishes with this beauty:

Hey! If you see that amazingly gorgeous, intelligent, crazy talented and awesome Tami Boesiger today make sure you wish her a happy birthday! And if you don't see her today...find a way to tell her happy birthday anyway! Love you, Mom! Thanks for putting up with all of your hooligan kids.

Princess Dawdle wrote a heartfelt note in her sweet way.

But Drama Queen declared Ladies Man the "winner" with a jar he etched himself, full of meaning for my upcoming trip to Uganda in June (stay tuned in the next few weeks for more about this!). When I found it sitting next to my computer yesterday afternoon I cried.

7) While Princess Dawdle was sick, we got out a puzzle to pass the time for her, and I found I really enjoyed it.

Me: Uh oh, I'm going to turn into an old lady who sits around and does puzzles all day.

Princess Dawdle: No you won't. You'll have dad.

Me: But what if he goes senile?

Princess Dawdle: Senile?!

And then a hysterical thought hit me.

Me: Can you imagine how Dad would be senile? Think about how he'd rant about stuff then!

If we think he's fun now, he'll be a hoot as a crotchedy old man!

With that I'm calling this edition done. I hear the couch whispering my name again, although I do believe I'm on the mend. The ice cream cake my husband just brought home is begging to be eaten as well. Have a great weekend, friends, and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


vwwannab said...

Tell Kevin that there is hope!! Jeff found a pair at Walmart that just clip on to the front of the shades and actually look pretty decent. Not the ones with the big clip at the top, but they have a stretchy spring in the middle and small hooks around the outside to clip around the frames. They look almost normal! I have even borrowed them on occassion when I have my glasses on since they are somewhat universal. I'll check with him on where exactly he found them if he is interested in knowing. :)

Kathleen Basi said...

I have such sympathy for Kevin! I lose sunglasses all.the.time.

Deanna said...

My husband wears his children's old sunglasses so he can look extra cool! Oh men!