Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 220)

1) Princess Dawdle is often running behind (imagine!). As we were ready to walk out the door the other day, she noticed there was a spot on her shirt. This girl's slow, but rolls with the punches and said she could take care of it in the van with her Tide stick. She was working away at the spot when suddenly she made an important observation.

Princess Dawdle: Tide sticks smell like blue cheese.

Me: What?! No they don't.

Princess Dawdle: Yeah, they do, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and smell the blue cheese.

Oh my. This girl's becoming a product of her siblings.

2) I'm feeling bad for poor Drummer Boy. He called the other day to get some medical information because he decided to give plasma. 'Cause they pay, you know. Some people say it's a rite of passage for college kids to give plasma, but I've never done it. I think Kevin has. What say you? Is plasma giving standard procedure for college kids? Have you never lived until you've done it?

If so, I've never lived. And speaking of living, here's another little tidbit I found disturbing. I was talking with my friend Kelly yesterday, the woman I'll be going to Africa with, and she told me the life expectancy in Uganda is so low that she and I will be considered old. Really. She's been called an old woman and she's younger than me!

I don't like this. Not one bit. I was traumatized at Christmas when I discovered the only people in a room of 30 individuals that were older than me were my mother and my sister's mother-in-law! Then I had a birthday and now this! At least Ugandans revere the elderly for their experience and wisdom. This granny girl may get some respect.

3) Who says boys aren't considerate? Last Saturday morning Ladies Man left this note for Princess Dawdle. I guess he didn't want her to worry when she woke up to find no one home.

I know I'm a sucker for things my kids do, but I thought it was kinda sweet he even thought of it.

4) I'm super proud of Drama Queen. She's taking a women's literature class this semester and had to give a presentation on a female author of her choice. She loved the book One Thousand Gifts and decided to choose Ann Voskamp as her author.

I thought it a little risky. She goes to a public university and I worried she might encounter a liberal professor who thought her too idealistic and naive. I did a book report once for a Freshman English class in college and chose a Christian book. The school I attended was a private university founded by a church and still my professor blasted the book report, saying I used the word "inspirational" too much. In a three page paper, I'd used the word twice. He just didn't like the subject matter. I remember another paper on abortion for the same class that was marked down purely because he didn't like what I had to say.

But I didn't tell Drama Queen about my experience and thought she would do a good job with it. And she did! She received an email from her instructor saying, "Your presentation on One Thousand Gifts was incredibly inspirational, and it meant a lot to me personally . . . I can't thank you enough for a marvelous choice, and you easily earned an A."

You just never know how God's going to use something. I love how He can take an ordinary assignment and make it meaningful to someone. Way to go, Drama Queen. So cool!

5) We had a lovely family dinner last Saturday night for my birthday, except my head was still full of snot, I guess, because I couldn't taste a thing! We went to a favorite Mexican restaurant and I ordered a salad because I figured if I couldn't taste it anyway I may as well be healthy. Boo.

I've taken tasting for granted, I tell you. It's been coming in and out for the last week and is so frustrating. Kevin got an ice cream cake for my birthday and I couldn't taste it! Totally NOT worth the calories without that satisfaction. Sigh. My head must be plum full of snot as every time I blow my nose I hear squeakies in there. Sometimes when I blow my nose I can't hear out of my ear!

But no worries. It's getting better every day. And when everything tastes good again I'll wish I had that ability to shove the food aside when it did nothing for me.

6) And now it's time for Kevin's Korner.

So by now you all know my wife will be traveling to Uganda in June. I could not be more proud and thrilled for her. I see God all over not only this trip but every aspect of her life. She truly lives out her faith everyday of her life. Okay before you all get nauseated by my gushing, I'll move on. Sunday night as we gathered for choir rehearsal, Tami was talking with some of the ladies about the trip. I have to preface this by saying I have some of the best people in choir. They are truly concerned about each other and we are involved in each others lives. One alto (who shall remain nameless) asked this question. "Do we need to provide meals for Kevin while you are gone?" WHAT?!! I am perfectly capable of providing meals for myself and the kids while Tami is gone. I can cook and there is an abundance of fast food restaurants in the lovely metropolis of Beatrice, Nebraska. Now I know this question was not necessarily asked in total seriousness. We do our share of razzing each other, but I wanted to take this opportunity to assure everyone out there in the blogosphere, we will be fine in Boesiger household while Tami is gone… BUT if you do feel so led to stop by with some food occasionally I promise I won't turn you away.

Keep Kicking it!

7) One of my favorite traditions we started for my birthday a few years back was for Kevin and I to get away in the month of January. The fall is a super busy time for us and January gives us a little reprieve to regroup. We're spending this weekend at one our favorite places on Earth and will totally take advantage of some down time together, a beautiful atmosphere and no where else to be. Soooooooo wonderful. We will be working, mind you, but not in anybody else's time frame. I just love it. Am I a wimp that I feel like I NEED these kinds of weekends? It's so important both for my emotional health and the vitality of our marriage. I'm so thankful we can do it.

I hope your weekend is as wonderful as ours. Take a moment to read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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