Monday, March 04, 2013

Small Effort, Big Impact

I can't say I know her.

She's a lady who goes to my church, but we're not involved in the same groups or activities. She's done my mammogram a couple of times, and while that sounds very intimate, it only involves small talk while you both try to appear nonchalant in a strange situation. My limited experience with her tells me she is quiet, gracious, kind, pleasant, very sweet. She's one of those women you cross paths with and think, "She's a really nice lady," but never seem to connect with because of life circumstances.

So it surprised me when I was in the church kitchen making coffee for Bible study and she passed by saying hi, that she stopped and came back.

"I'm so glad you got all the money you'll need for your trip," she said softly.

I told her how overwhelming the experience has been already and she, in her beautiful, unselfish way, listened intently, quietly, all the while her eyes sparkling, her mouth turned up ever so slightly. I blabbed on and on and when I came up for a breath she smiled and said, "I need to give you a hug because I might not get another chance."

She wrapped me in a tight embrace, expressing genuine love in a way I found somewhat surprising, yet I welcomed it wholeheartedly.

"I'm so happy for you," she said in my ear, "There are lots of people praying for you. It will be good."

I was humbled by her sweetness, her unselfish excitement for a woman she barely knows, her desire to communicate all this to me. I was deeply touched. And blessed.

She inspires me to do that for others, to push myself to tell them I'm praying, to offer a hug of support, words of encouragement. And she makes me wonder how many people are out there who love and care about what goes on in our lives though we're not aware. I am astounded at how many people have expressed their love and prayers for me and this trip. Is it possible that we all have people wrapping us in prayer, appealing to God on our behalf if only we're willing to make our needs known? I would have never imagined this beautiful lady might be on my team, but knowing so now makes me feel loved and noticed by God.

It was as simple as a short 5-10 minute conversation and a hug with sincere words.

Thank you, friend. You move me and make me sure God sees. You motivate me to love how you do.

Who can you move this day? Who has God laid on your heart?

Photo Credit: Anne Ruthmann

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Denise J. Hughes said...

This is such a great reminder to pause and notice others. To give of ourselves. To take that extra moment. To linger a bit longer.