Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Children of Uganda

How about a little beautiful from Uganda? The children are everywhere. You can’t drive down any road without several coming out to wave at you. Sometimes they are clothed, sometimes not, but all carry a smile.

While in Mityana, I met a ton of cutie pies at the HOPE center.

Many of the children of Uganda look much younger than they really are because their early years were marked with malnutrition. For instance, the girls in the last picture are probably at least 5 or 6, but look more like 2 or 3.

I’ve been to a few villages now, which is what they call the remote areas in the bush. There is no village to speak of, just primitive houses along narrow, winding, dirt roads with deep ruts. Here’s a couple of girls we met in a village near Mityana. They were proud of their work at school and wanted to show us.

Notice what looks like a dusty spot on the right of that girl’s head? It’s a massive patch of ringworm. Her little sister ran out to show us her work too.

Whenever you go, even along the side of the road, children clump up and greet you. They LOVE having their pictures taken and are fascinated to see themselves. As soon as you start, a mob will form. This happens everywhere we go. The kids crowd around and stare at the mzungus. When I went with Angie to a boarding school to meet a few of her older kids, we were immediately swarmed with schoolchildren, and I mean SWARMED. We’re talking a sea of children. I didn’t take any pictures because I would have been there FOREVER! The swarm followed us to the headmaster’s office and just stood by the door waving and grinning. It was so bad the schoolmaster kept shooing them away. I’ve never been anyone’s fascination before. It’s a strange feeling.

While in Fort Portal I spent a day at the Toro Baby Home. My nephews gave me some balloons as a parting gift at the airport saying it could be my “air conditioner” for the next few weeks. I remembered they were in my purse and blew them up for the kids who loved them. Thanks, Kaden and Kahle!

Often when holding one of the little ones from either orphanage, they took their tiny hands and rubbed them up and down my arm. If they sat on my lap or even nearby, they liked to touch me in some way, by either patting my leg or holding my hand. And they always smiled. It’s so beautiful.

I have tons more pictures, but they take so long to load. When I get a better connection maybe I'll try posting some more. Today I leave you with something to make you smile, a clip of musical chairs ala HOPE center. Be sure to note the jamming baby in the blue diaper. That kid never waned and was so funny. Also be sure to look beyond the circle to the little girls in the background enjoying the music.


jen said...

My son's physical therapist has done missions work in Nigeria and has told me the same thing about the kids and pictures. She has commented that the best picture would be of a child seeing what they look like for the first time ever!

Miriam Pauline said...

Oh my! How precious!

We found the same thing in Romania--kids flocked to have their pictures and "see" their pictures. It was great when we were able to actually leave them a physical picture of themselves as well.

Praying you continue to be blessed by those beautiful little ones.