Friday, July 05, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 241)

1) I often whine at home about my inability to get more done. I don't watch t.v. during the day, and rarely in the evenings. My kids are older and self sufficient. I don't work outside the home. I stay busy all day and yet I always feel behind. Kevin is used to hearing my frustrations and maintains a sympathetic ear, but I've always thought he was just being nice.

Imagine my great satisfaction, then, when I heard that while I was gone on my trip he had to take time off work to keep the house going like usual. It's not just me! There really is a lot to do! Now he totally feels my pain and I am one validated, relieved woman. I'm not lame after all.

2) The kids told me their dad did a pretty good job while I was gone with a few exceptions. The girls asked him to buy some facial cleansing wipes. He added it to his shopping list, bought them, and even refilled their dispenser, proud of his ability to handle things without me. Soon his bubble was popped when his darling daughters complained.

Drama Queen (holding a wipe): What is this?

Kevin: What? It's the wipes you wanted.

Drama Queen: Dad, these are FLUSHABLE wipes!

The poor guy didn't realize that all wipes are NOT the same!

3) I've been asking Ladies Man to paint something to fill my huge red wall in my office. I needed something big to cover up a bad patch job done years before. Lately he's been more into etching glass than painting and got really busy while I was gone. Look what I came home to see in my office.

4) Princess Dawdle had a friend spend the night this week and the poor girl was scared spitless by Drummer Boy. He has always been the kind of guy who sneaks up behind you and yells or just suddenly screams and catches you off guard. When he was in high school, he would often hit the table and yell in the middle of a meal to see if he could scare his sisters.

When Princess Dawdle's friend came out of the bathroom the other night, he was in the hallway and surprised her with a holler. It was a really good thing she had just come OUT of the bathroom instead of needing to go IN, if you know what I mean.

The friend thought it would be funny to do the same to Princess Dawdle, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get her. Princess Dawdle explained her failure to frighten easily in a nutshell.

"There's no scaring me after living with Drummer Boy."

No truer statement was ever said. I'll never forget one night Drama Queen had a friend over and Drummer Boy smacked the table during dinner. The girl about fell out of her chair, but the rest of us kept eating as if we hadn't even heard it.

I wish I could say I'm oblivious to all noise, but sadly, no. I fear one day I'll become a very grouchy grandma whose grandkids hate to visit because I'm always complaining about how loud they are. Maybe by that time I'll have enough quiet and alone time while home I'll be able to take it for short bursts of time.

5) Despite the extra noise and commotion, I'm am very much enjoying having all my kids home this summer. With their differing work schedules and activities, planning meal time can be very challenging though. The one thing I've always worked hard to do is have dinner together, but it seems nearly impossible now. The other day Ladies Man had to leave for a rehearsal at 5, Kevin had a wedding rehearsal at 5:45, Drama Queen got off work at 6 and Drummer Boy got off work at 8. Tell me, when would be a good time for dinner? I've found myself making things that can be eaten whenever people are home and just going with the flow. I'm losing my magical memory-making meal time touch. Or maybe I'm just learning to mellow out before becoming a grandma. Whatever. Besides, not having an organized meal time leaves me open to eat pistachios for supper! Mmmm.

6) Towards the end of my time away, especially the last three days, my kids tell me their dad got crabby. Even Kevin admitted things sorta fell apart. For example, they pointed out when I got home there was only one roll of toilet paper in the house.

Kevin (feeling frustrated and annoyed): I know. I know. What are you complaining about? Just use the flushable wipes!

7) They give him a lot of flack and tease him mercilessly, but they love him. Look at the video they made in honor of Father's Day.

That's all we got today, folks. Tune in next week for more stories of Africa (I hope you're not tired of them yet.). Until then entertain yourself with more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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