Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Love in Action Reaping Souls

After church on Sunday, our team planned to help a young Ugandan man clean up a property that he'd been forced from for months.

When Alex's father died, he left a debt on the family home that his son could not pay. Alex hid from police until he was able to pay off the outstanding debt. Because he was gone so long, the grass had overgrown and trash had accumulated on the property. Kelly thought our team could spend an hour or so to help the outside look a little nicer.

An announcement was made in church, asking for "slashers" we could borrow to cut the overgrown grass (for those of you who grew up as a farm girl like me, think corn knife). Would you believe they cut their grass by hand with these things? No mowers here!

Our thought was to slash the grass and go, but God had bigger plans. Soon after we arrived, people from church poured onto the property.

Neighbors gathered to see what was happening.

It was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ, both black and white, serving in love.

But God had even more planned. As the brush was being cleared, some women entered the home and starting singing praise songs. Soon many people came into the house to join them. It was so packed, I could barely get inside, and certainly couldn't make it to where the action was happening in the living room.

We were so crowded I had a hard time understanding what was taking place, but found out later that seven people were so moved by the outpouring for this young man that they dropped to their knees in the living room and wanted to know this Jesus who loves like this. It was a sacred moment marked with singing and prayer. I desperately wanted to capture the scene on film, but felt it may be an intrusion. Instead, I put my hand over my camera lens and recorded a little of the singing and part of the prayer to give you an idea. (This is only an audio file. There is no picture.)

Though I couldn't understand what was being said, the solemnity of the room did not escape me. I knew something special was happening, something that could only be described as movement of the Holy Spirit. It was a privilege to be present.

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