Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 248)--The Princess Dawdle and Ladies Man Edition

So we came home one day from school and saw a huge freaking zucchini that my girlfriend (Ladies Man's girlfriend) brought over.


Starting off high school has been totally great, except one little thing... WE HAVE TO GET UP SUPER EARLY TO GO TO BAND! And being known as Princess Dawdle you could see my struggle. Pray for Ladies Man this week or for me, that I don't make the big fancy drum major late for the job.

Speaking of marching band our older sister, Drama Queen, made it back on the UNL snare line. Congratulations Druma Queen, see what we did there? ;) nudge nudge

Being the social butterflies we are, we like to stay connected with our social networks. We've recently picked up on an app called vine. If you have no idea what this is, basically you make short clips and put them all together to make a full 6 second video clip. You can imagine how thrilled dad is.. not. We have made various videos that should really be titled messing with the father.

So Princess Dawdle and I have matured SOOO MUCH that we are redoing our bathroom or shall I say the Froggy Bathroom as we call it, because that's the theme. So our parents got us a brand spankin new sink and dad installed it for us.


Here's a poem/story from yours truly...

There once was a llama and his name was Steve.
He loved to celebrate Christmas Eve.
He was hungry so he ate a small flower.
It mysteriously gave him super powers.
It gave him the ability to fly.
He went high in the big blue sky.
He flew up and down and even around.
And even lost a few pounds.
You could imagine how excited he was,
But then he realized it was just a buzz
From all those flowers he ate
Now he is a normal llama to this date.

Have a wonderful Friday our little sugar puffs. Please enjoy this picture of our faces swapped.

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jen said...

I think I'd be hiding my blog login information from the kids now. :)