Friday, January 03, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 261)--The Highlights of the Holidays Edition

Yes, I have been MIA the last few weeks. You know how the holiday season can be. Something had to give. I decided to enjoy it and savor the moments instead of typing away alone in my office.

Lots happened in the last few weeks, too much to remember, so today you get the highlights.

Ladies Man will be playing tuba in Wind Ensemble next semester, so he brought home a tuba over Christmas vacation to practice. We've been regaled with Tuba Christmas songs ever since. His personal favorite was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer because of the cutesy little ba-da-dum-dum lead into the song. Believe it or not, I was partial to Silent Night. He wasn't too bad for someone who just started messing with it. Plus, that kid's silliness and enthusiasm is contagious.

We spent Christmas Day with my family and had a great time. My sister bought our little nephews fake moustaches for their movie escapades. The boys weren't enamored with them (case in point, my little nephew thinks we're crazy), but we sure had a good time. I felt like saying, "Feliz Navidad!" All I needed was a sombrero.

(On a completely unrelated side note, can you believe my sister is the blonde in the red sweater? Our brothers are twins and as little girls we each claimed one as our "baby." MY "baby's" wife looks more like me than my sister--the woman on the far right and my sister's "baby's" wife looks more like her than I do--the woman next to me. Weird, huh? Or have I completely lost you?)

I don't know why I didn't see it until yesterday, but Drummer Boy posted a fun composition on Christmas Day, his rendition of The Little Drummer Boy. Click the link for a listen. Do it. You won't be sorry. My son is a good composer.

The Little Drummer Boy

On Sunday night, Ladies Man attended the big event of the year for high schoolers in our town, Snowball. It's bigger than Prom. He went with the daughter of our dear friends like he has every year. It's pretty obvious in this picture that I took a nap that afternoon--talk about bed head!

The kids were looking fly. (I hope Drama Queen and Drummer Boy aren't throwing up in their mouths after I used the word "fly.")

They like to wear unusual shoes. One year they donned Chuck Taylors. This year they decided to wear Sperrys. Isn't the difference in their feet hysterical?

When we took pictures with their group, the boys had a good time with the conference table.

Drama Queen's boyfriend went as well (but without her--both she and Ladies Man's girlfriend are no longer eligible to attend--sigh). But we got a super cute picture of them together before the event.

While her brother and boyfriend stayed up all night playing video games after the dance, Drama Queen had to be to the airport by 3:30 AM to catch a flight with the Cornhusker Marching Band to the Gator Bowl in Florida. I was thrilled when a friend of ours from college posted this shot of the parade on Facebook. That's my girl!

Her instructor got this amazing shot of the snare line before the game.

And my cousin and his wife hooked up with her AT the game!

Princess Dawdle joined her brother and some friends for sledding yesterday. I was so glad Ladies Man's girlfriend had the foresight to bring a camera. Look at the great shots she got!

Doesn't that last one just make you want to "ahhhhh?!" I think they like each other!

By far my favorite pic of the season was this one, again taken my Ladies Man's girlfriend, completely capturing the goofy spirit at our house. I've really enjoyed hanging out with my people the last few weeks and soaking them in. God has been very, very good to us. This picture warms my heart and makes me smile. I sure do love these people.

I hope your holidays have been enjoyable as well. Now we begin another year anew. What will be in store? How about while you're waiting to find out, you take in more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary?


Miriam Pauline said...

Love the photos! Glad you had the opportunity to savor and enjoy your holiday. Praying 2014 is a blessed one for you and your family.

Kathleen Basi said...

You need a "like" button on your blog. Sometimes I just need to say that, with no other comment. :)