Friday, February 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 266)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Are you a hater or a lover of this day? It kind of annoys me personally. What is the benefit of getting special treatment because Hallmark and candy companies and flower shops say you should? Doesn't it mean more when he does it for no reason at all? And talk about pressure! If a guy paid any attention to the commercials this time of year, he'd think he needed a second job to pay for diamonds and roses, gourmet chocolate and candlelight dinners.

I struggled myself wondering what I should get my husband. But then I thought about him and how busy he's been lately and decided the best gift would be to have no expectations on him for the day. If I got him something, he'd think he should get me something or feel bad if he didn't. Either way it would stress him out. And that's not really what a day of love is supposed to be about, is it?

Yep, that's it. It's perfect. He gets no expectations for Valentine's Day.

The WORST suggestion for Valentine's Day is this commercial that totally freaked my family out. YIKES! My husband would not be "rewarded" for bringing this monstrosity home. This clip is just icky.

Don't even think about it, honey. I will destroy it with whatever club-like object is closest. And if you ever lean over my shoulder while you're hugging me and whisper, "Oh yeah . . . ," you may get the same treatment! Ew.

I felt bad for poor Drummer Boy the other day. His car was in the shop, so he took my van to work. On his lunch hour he went to out and experienced a unique problem. When he called my cell phone in the middle of the day I knew it couldn't be good. No matter what he did, he couldn't get the key out of the ignition. Thankfully his grandmother bailed him out and got him back to work, but Kevin had the van towed away to be fixed.

What are the odds that TWO vehicles are gonna let you down in the same day? I felt bad for him until his car repair cost him HALF of what ours did. Bleh. Stupid. Stupid. Money.

We had a great time watching Princess Dawdle and Ladies Man perform in a show choir contest last Friday. Since I forgot my camera at home (all charged up and ready to go--psshht), I was thrilled to have gracious Facebook friends who posted some. Here's Princess Dawdle with First Edition. She's in the back row, the fourth girl from the left.

I think she had a blast. What do you think? See her smack dab in the middle with the great expression?

Ladies Man performed with Limited Edition. Don't you love how all the guys look like they're crooning?

And I have no idea what Ladies Man is thinking here? This must have been during the Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars song. Chicks. Sheesh!

Princess Dawdle has a new blog post sharing her impressions from Dare 2 Share. Click on Dare 2 Share to see what she has to say about it.

I loved the fact that she got to experience this as a first in our family. When you're the youngest you're rarely the first at anything. This was fresh and new and exciting for her. First time ever.

Way to be your own person, girl. Proud of you, babe!

I learned a new term listening to Ladies Man and Princess Dawdle talking about a classmate.

Princess Dawdle: I don't know why that guy doesn't have a girlfriend.

Ladies Man: Yeah, the poor guy always gets friend-zoned.

Me: Friend-zoned?!

Ladies Man: It's when a guy is real nice to a girl, trying to be a good friend to her, but then she can't ever see him as anything else. It happened to me all the time in middle school (This is when he acquired the name Ladies Man, by the way). I'd try to be all sweet and considerate and the girls thought I was a super great friend. But it never went any further than that.

Hmmmm . . . I guess being a nice guy is risky. Heaven forbid you get friend-zoned! Secretly I'm relieved he got "friend-zoned" in middle school. We don't need no girlfriends when we're twelve!

We've got another lively weekend planned. We're taking Ladies Man on a college visit in Missouri today. (If you think about it, say a little prayer for him as he'll be auditioning for scholarships as well.) Tomorrow morning we leave WAY-TOO-EARLY-FOR-A-SATURDAY (we're talking around 5:30!) to see the kids perform in another show choir competition. Sunday brings a couple of family parties.

With all this going on who could possibly celebrate Valentine's Day? Although it's possible we may have the house to ourselves for a few hours tonight . . .

Wait, maybe you better not think about that too much. Don't want anybody throwing up a little bit in their mouths. Just enjoy your weekend however you do and take in more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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