Friday, June 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 282)

Kevin and the kids like to play a game after meals they have dubbed "The Food Baby Game." Basically after filling their guts they see who can make the biggest "food baby" by pushing out their stomachs. Kevin is the master at the game and never fails to bring huge laughs to the kids. He outdid himself on Sunday. We were sitting at Arby's when Drama Queen started and each of the kids gave their best effort.

Drama Queen: Okay, Dad, your turn.

Kevin produced a whopper, like usual, and the kids died. Really, you would think they were five years old! Each took another turn trying to surpass him without success. Kevin just kept plopping that food baby out there to the delight of the kids, but they nearly wet their pants when they heard a dull "pop."

He pushed his gut out so hard he popped his button off his pants! We'll be talking about this for YEARS to come. Classic.

Now for something you don't see every day. Ladies Man and his friend put their personal loves together in one video. (Email subscribers will have to click over to the blog to watch this video.)

Who even thinks of doing this stuff?!

I am worried about Elmo. He just wasn't himself yesterday. He hasn't been eating well, but I assumed it was because he was ready to shed. Yesterday I found his head wedged between his water dish and the glass of his cage. He looked dead. He wasn't, but he's been so lethargic and barely holds his head up. I did a little prodding (I couldn't just leave him that way, could I?) and found some shed remnants he needed to be rid of in places one should not mention, ahem, but getting them out did nothing for his energy level. I put him back in his cage and he immediately smushed his head back against the glass.

Is it weird to ask for prayer for my little lizard? We've been through so much together. Well, technically one should say he's been through so much, at my hand, but whatever. He may not be a soft, furry, cuddly little thing, but he's our pet. And I like him. Also I should mention it has been my personal mission to keep this thing alive for 8 years now. Leopard geckos have a life expectancy of 25 years. He's got all kinds of time! He's got to pull through! My goal is to show him to Ladies Man's kids. Who can say their grandkids have been able to play with the same pet their kids did? We must do it. C'mon, Elmo!

I'm feeling conflicted about summer. On the one hand there's less activities to rush off to in the evenings. I get to see my kids more. I can sleep a little later and the day lasts longer. But on the other hand the electric bill is higher and I hate hot humid weather. My kids stay up late and leave snack remnants all over the house. And the day lasts longer.

Do I like summer? Hmmmmmm . . .

We were having a family discussion about whether we'd want to host a foreign exchange student. The older kids were all for it. Of course it wouldn't affect them really as they'd be gone to college. Princess Dawdle wasn't sure what to think about it.

Ladies Man: You should get one from Canada, eh?

Very funny.

Me: I doubt they would send someone from Canada. That's hardly foreign.

Ladies Man: The kid that was here from Japan was pretty cool, but he spent a lot of time alone on his computer.

Two thoughts here. One, how would Ladies Man know this if he was alone? And two, it must have been really bad for another teen boy to call it a lot. Drama Queen and Ladies Man discussed different countries and Princess Dawdle remained pretty silent on the whole issue. I wasn't sure what she was thinking. I remembered she got along very well with the German exchange student on her tennis team.

Me: What if it would be someone like Marlene?

Drama Queen: Where was she from?

Me: Germany.

Ladies Man: Oh. Germans are like the pit bulls of humans.

Oh yeah. That helps.

I have spent much of my week up to my eyeballs in textbooks and debating the question of how Christians should handle archaeological finds that dispute the claims of the Bible.

Your eyes are glazed over now too, huh?

It is wedding weekend for Kevin and I. Wait, that didn't come out right. We are already married and have been for eons. What I mean is we're attending two weddings this weekend. And BONUS for me, Kevin isn't playing for either one of them. I'll actually get to sit with my husband at a wedding! This is a rare occasion, people, and two in one weekend . . . wow, jackpot. The sun may not come up Sunday morning. After two romantic weddings sitting next to my handsome hubby I may not want it to . . .

And now I've said too much. I am shutting this train down. I hope your weekend is glorious. To find more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary.


Kathleen Basi said...

I saw a note in a local bulletin about exchange students last weekend. I thought, "That would be terrific! Wait. It might not be realistic at this particular moment in time." But hopefully in the next few years.

I'd be interested in your conclusions about the archaeological finds. To me it's a reminder that the Bible was written in literary forms of the time, which means not all of it is meant to be taken 100% literally. I read Margaret Nutting Ralph's book "And God Said What?" which was really eye-opening, though I haven't had a chance to go back through it with the whole Bible.

Tami Boesiger said...

Hey Kathleen, stay tuned for my conclusions. I'm posting them here Tuesday morning.