Friday, November 07, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 298)

Princess Dawdle went to the grocery store with me and steered me into the ice cream aisle.

Princess Dawdle: I don't suppose we could get some birthday cake ice cream?

Me (thinking it a safe temptation--i HATE that stuff!): I suppose.

There was the standard Blue Bunny brand she immediately went for until I noticed the Great Value brand for fifty cents cheaper.

Me: Hey, there's this one.

Princess Dawdle (still eying the brand she's grown to love): Yeah . . .

Me: It's cheaper.

Princess Dawdle: Yeah . . .

Me: It looks like it has magic sprinkles.

Princess Dawdle: So does this one!

Just as I was ready to settle into the stare down, she relented.

Princess Dawdle: Let's roll the dice, Mom. Sure, get that one. YOLO! (meaning You Only Live Once)

It was just ice cream, right? Oh brother. This girl makes me laugh.

Last Friday we woke up to find this posted on the Boesiger Bunch page with the message "Happy Halloween Dad!!!"

Ladies Man freaked out at least one of his sisters shaving his beard into a goatee like his dad who just happened to be growing his out the same week. You know Kevin had to respond with his own post.

See the resemblance? I believe this is the first post Kevin's ever made on the Boesiger Bunch page so HOLLA Ladies Man! You got him involved!

Ladies Man has since shaved the whole smack off, but who knows what he'll be sporting when we see him next.

We had a lovely evening out with Kevin's sister and brother-in-law on Halloween night but got a dirty trick played on us as we crossed paths with a couple of deer on the way home. We swerved and missed the first one, but couldn't avoid the second one. We're still waiting to hear (GRRR insurance companies!), but we're thinking it will be a total loss.

We're pretty bummed. Kevin LOVES this car.

I was reminded starkly of the meaninglessness of possessions, though, when our community lost a young man this week to leukemia. My heart hurts for the Hays family on the loss of their dear son, Colin, only 22 years old. My prayers are with you. May God hold you very near in the tough times ahead.

Kevin and I were in a fast food establishment the other day when we saw this fly stuck to the wall RIGHT ABOVE THE SANITIZER! See the black speck to the right of the no smoking sign? Who knows how long he had been there! Somehow this did not instill a ton of confidence in me in the sanitary conditions of the restaurant, but we had already ordered our food.

Can you say ICK?!

I am playing Lizard Whisperer again, or rather, Lizard Resuscitator. Elmo is just not interested in eating lately. I think I've gotten him to eat one worm in the last two weeks. So I had to force feed the little guy, smashing up worms, mixing them with water and feeding it to him in an eye dropper. When I did it yesterday he seemed appreciative. I don't know if he's just getting old or what, but we've gone through periods like this before. I'm gonna keep at it and hope he kicks out of it.

The Lizard Whisperer . . .

The highlight of our week was celebrating my mom's birthday.

All the kids and The Girlfriend and The Boyfriend were able to go which made it a hilarious time.

At some point we started comparing mouth sizes. (Don't ask me why. We just do weird stuff like this.) Ladies Man had a little tape measure on his key chain, so he actually went around and measured everyone's mouths. Mom could hardly take it she was laughing so hard!

If I remember right I had the smallest mouth and Drama Queen was a close second (can you believe it?!) The Boyfriend had the largest mouth which is hysterical since he generally says the LEAST! Despite all the silliness we did manage to get a nice pic with Grandma.

Thanks for having a birthday, Mom. We had a blast! We love you!

And that's about all anyone can take for this Friday, am I right? I hope you enjoy your weekend and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.