Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm thankful to be a Christian because. . .

I know this life is not all there is.

Peace comes at unexpected times in unexplainable ways.

When I don't understand, I am comforted knowing a bigger plan is in place.

No matter the circumstance, I can be happy.

Each day contains purpose.

There is no end to the wonder in my world.

There are no mistakes.

When anxiety wakes me up in the middle of the night, meditating on Truth and uttering the name of Jesus stills my heart.

Nothing is insignificant.

Even if the rest of the world cannot find my value, God tells me I am chosen, holy and dearly loved.

I know how to live, guided by the inspired Word and Holy Spirit.

I am never alone.

Lord Jesus, thank You for a gift I can't comprehend. Thank You for grace and peace and love. I have been changed, for the better. Thank You.

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Photo credit: aewolf


e-Mom said...

I know this life is not all there is.

Sometimes I cling hard to thoughts like these!!! A nice post, as usual. :~D

Shalene said...

Very nicely said, Tami! Amen and Amen again. Blessings to you!

Sandy Carlson said...

Very nice post, Tami.

I share your views. Nothing is insignificant, and there are no mistakes.

As a student of mine says, "We have to be teachable; we have to be open." Every moment presents the gift of opportunity, I think.

Thanks for such a teaching, open post. God bless.

Rachelle said...

Love this post, Tami. And I love that you're doing the group writing project!

(Just spending some time catching up on your blog this evening.)