Monday, November 26, 2007

What Would Jesus Say. . .To Me?

I've been tagged by my online pal, Shalene of A Proverbs 31 Woman Wannabe to describe what I think Jesus would say to me if I were to meet Him face to face. To be honest, I don't think Jesus' message to me would be any different than it is to me every day. I think He would reiterate what He consistently says to me. But MY response. . .whoa baby, I imagine that would be completely different. I envision the scene something like this:

I am cleaning up the breakfast dishes, grumbling under my breath about how I have to do all the dirty work and no one appreciates what I do, when there is a tap at my back door. I holler, "Come on in," knowing that my close friends and family are the usual back door rappers. At the sight of Jesus, I am stunned. I know who He is, though He doesn't resemble anything Ive ever imagined. Involuntarily, my knees give way and I find myself on the floor.

Reaching down a hand to me, Jesus says, "Do not fear."

Like being caught in a dream, I try to speak, but nothing will come out.

"Come," He says, flexing His fingers, "You are wholly and dearly loved."

I lift my own hand, but the weight of who I am causes me to drop it again.

"Why don't you trust Me?" His eyes narrow as He looks straight into my soul. "Here," He says as He slips His hands beneath my arms and pulls me up slowly.

My eyes become lost in His and tears start welling up.

"What is it?" He asks softly.

"I. . .this. . .this is all I am," I mutter.

"I know who you are," He says smiling, gently moving the stray hair out of my eyes. "Be faithful to what I have given you."

"I love You, Lord," I whisper as I bury my head in His chest.

"Mmm. . .," He replies, wrapping His arms around me, "and I love you, My child."

His words to me, the same as nearly every day:
Do not fear.
You are wholly and dearly loved.
Why don't you trust Me?
What is it?
I know who you are.
Be faithful to what I have given you.
I love you, My child.

My words to Him, few. Most notably missing are the questions, the requests, the pleading.

I've asked God many, many times, to give me a glimpse of Him, knowing that even a tiny peek at His glory will forever change me. I'm not sure why He hasn't answered this request, but I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with trusting Him and building my faith. Until I meet Him face to face, I wait in eager anticipation and heed the words He gives me now.

I'm supposed to tag a few other bloggers to do this. I'm choosing some I know IRL.

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The challenge is on girls! Take a whack at it!

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Rachelle said...

You brought me to tears. Such a great mental picture. I know I can't do as good a job as you, but I'll give it a try when I have some extra time??

Brenda said...

Oh man. this is a big one. I have to think on it tonight and will blog tomorrow.

Brenda said...

OK. I posted. I also tagged Kara and Pam. They have been busy and haven't posted for awhile so I hope they see this.

Jaime said...

I cried too! What a wonderful way to picture Christ coming for a visit! Thank you for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful Tami!! You're right, He would still be saying to us what He says everyday. But I can't imagine what I would say or even do if He were to knock on my back door. Certainly something to ponder...

Jim said...

I agree, beautiful and well done. I have added a link back to here at the original meme post, here:

Thanks for participating!

dave said...

Nice post! Like you said, I have also asked God to show me His ways, and His glory. Maybe we do need to be more trusting. Maybe we give too many things a high priority, even above God. Maybe we just miss things. Or, maybe seeing His glory doesn't depend on us at all. Although, we'd like to think that we could do something, for even Moses asked, and received, for he had much to accomplish.

We can discuss it more here if you like: InIt2WinIt
Although I am currently having a posting problem at my forum that I am trying to get resolved.