Saturday, December 15, 2007

Group Writing Project: Keeping Christ in Christmas

I wish I could say the Christmas season was my favorite time of year, but,. . .well,. . .is it sacrilegious to say I don't enjoy it? I do a lot of sighing and feeling overwhelmed and carry around all kinds of guilt, thinking I'm not honoring God like I should be. After much prayer and contemplation, God gave me an important revelation this year--I can choose my attitude, whether it is one of anxious running, or looking for the joy in every activity. My approach can make a world of difference and since I've determined to draw closer to Him instead of worrying about getting everything done, I've felt more peaceful. To feed this positive outlook, I'm joining my friend, Hopeful Spirit, and asking for your help.

Announcing the latest Group Writing Project
sponsored by On the Horizon and The Next Step:

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Share a post about how you are keeping Christ in Christmas this year!

For example, are there any special traditions you will continue? Tell us about them, explaining why are they meaningful for you. Do you fight getting burned out by the commercialization of the season by focusing on its spiritual significance? Share your approach! Perhaps you perform volunteer work for a group or organization and would like to share your experiences. Is your family facing any particularly difficult or unique challenges this year? Others might be inspired and find strength from hearing how you are dealing with those challenges during this holiday season and the sources(s) from which you draw strength and determination. As Christmas approaches, do you feel blessed and desire to share your blessings with others? How are you doing that?

Please note: Although the holidays are certainly made special by favorite family recipes, ornaments, craft projects, and the like, the focus of this Writing Project will be on your spiritual observance, commemoration or experience of the season, your commitment to the meaning of Christmas for believers, or consideration of your blessings as you anticipate the arrival of Christmas. Posts comprised solely of recipes, instructions, etc. will not be included this time.

Submit the link to your post via e-mail addressed to admin at hopefulspirit dot com by midnight (Pacific Standard Time), December 22, 2007. Links to all entries will be posted on December 23, 2007, just in time for Christmas!

Questions? Drop an e-mail or leave a comment!

Please join us and help me out here, okay?

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e-Mom said...

Hi Tami,

This looks like a worthwhile project! I'm out of time this week, so I won't be able to participate. Oh well. :~D

I hope you're enjoying your family, despite the accelerated pace.

Blessings, e-Mom