Monday, December 24, 2007

Group Writing Project Entries

Group Writing Project

Sponsored by On the Horizon and The Next Step:

Keeping Christ in Christmas

We are delighted to showcase the wonderful submissions included in our second Group Writing Project!

Please visit each participant’s site and take a moment to leave a comment letting him/her know not only how much you appreciate his/her contribution, but the way(s) in which the post touched, inspired, motivated or otherwise “spoke” to you at this most special time of the year!

Here are the submissions to “Keeping Christ in Christmas:”

Brenda at Living with RAD offers All Because of Jesus, explaining that she and her family keep the music playing in order to "keep the right song alive" in their hearts.

Sandy Carlson at Writing in Faith: Thoughts presents Keeping Christ in Christmas All the Time. Sandy is a phenomenal writer and this article does not disappoint. She says: "Bidden or unbidden, God is with us. We have only to see, to hear, to love."

Jane at Scheiss Weekly would like us all to exhibit a Christ-like spirit by living our true tolerance toward each other. She explains her philosophy in Freedom of Religion is Not Freedom From Religion Unless That is Your Religion.

Dave Earley at Faith Like a Mustard Seed submitted Christ in Christmas. He encourages readers to distinguish between gifts and the giver.

Miriam Pauline at Miriam Pauline's Monologue presents Christ in Christmas. Miriam Pauline is a thoughtful, insightful writer. She has a wonderful perspective: "I cannot comprehend Christmas without Christ at the center."

Jenn at Mixed shares a fictional story about Christ-like love being shared at Christmas, His Christmas Legacy. Make sure you have a tissue handy before you begin reading.

JHS at Colloquium explains why, in her opinion, exhibiting tolerance is the best approach to Keeping Christ in Christmas. Check out the photo of Santa Claus on a cross. Do you find it offensive? How would you respond . . . or would you respond at all? It is certainly thought-provoking.

Thanks to all of you who contributed your posts! We appreciate your willingness to share your talents with us during this demanding and busy time of year! And a special thank you to Hopeful Spirit for compiling all the entries.

Have a very merry, Christ-centered Christmas!


Hopeful Spirit said...

Hi Tami!!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas, surrounded by light, love, and blessings.

Look forward to more projects with you in 2008!!

Love you!

Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for being a partner in this project, Tami. God bless your Christmas and the new year.

Brenda said...

Thanks for doing this during your very hectic time. I can't wait to go read them all.

Marsha said...

I wish I had know you before now! During December I wrote a lot about being a Keeper of Christmas. That does it, I'm gonna have to add you to my favorites so I can stay on top of things better;)