Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Share and Share Alike

I planned to buy new pants and shoes that day for my kid who's growing faster than the mold on the chicken salad in the back of my fridge. I didn't know I'd need to take his sister to the doctor that afternoon. No big deal, I thought, He can make do with the pants he already has and perhaps borrow his brother's shoes for the concert.

The after school hours were a whirlwind, picking up kids, getting medication, running a few errands, and making supper, all with a husband who has been absolutely swamped at work and came home at the last minute, but I kept my cool. I'm just like that. . .well, sometimes.

I was quickly cleaning up dishes when he came in. "Mom, these pants are too short," he said as my eyes found the hem line hovering above his ankle. Dang. Time for some fancy scrambling.

First stop, older son's room, finding a pair of pants that were a little big, but would work. The first shirt we had was too tight for him to move his trombone slide so we pitched it in favor of a shirt too small for his brother. He found a tie to match, in his own drawer, mind you, and we thought we were on our way.

I ran downstairs to find older son putting on the shoes I thought younger son could wear. And wait a minute, isn't that your dad's shirt? Whatever. No time to squabble about it. The kid needed shoes now. Dad had it covered and found a pair, a size too small, but tolerable for a few hours. Younger son came in looking remarkably put together, but could hardly keep his pants up. He'd outgrown his belt and his brother was wearing his. There was no other choice. My husband ripped his own belt off and handed it over.

No worries. We got there, even on time. I had to chuckle when my my mom commented at the concert about how grown up the kid looked. I told her the poor guy was wearing his brother's shirt and pants, a pair of shoes a size too small and his father's belt. I pointed out older son was wearing his dad's shirt and then looked down at my own feet and laughed.

I'd been wearing my daughter's shoes all day.

It gives communal living a whole new meaning, doesn't it?


Dianne said...

Hilarious! Sounds like you've got your own built-in thrift store there!

Brenda said...

Ha! That is very funny! There are some good things about our kids getting bigger. We can pass around the clothes!! Although our oldest son is now a few inches taller than dad and has a very small waste. No one can share with him.

Anonymous said...

You paint such a vivid picture that I can almost find myself standing in your living room watching the whole scene and laughing. It just sounds like a typical day for the Boesiger family. Aren't you glad that your family can still entertain even in the craziest moments though? PS: I started a new blog. Hopefully I'll have time to keep it up. Love ya.

e-Mom said...

You make me laugh out loud! A very funny story.

I'm laughing WITH you. We too scrambled around looking for the right shirt (borrowed Dad's blue button-down) and shoes (borrowed Dad's burgandy penny loafers) for my 21-year old son right before a fancy dinner with Grandad. Said son arrived home from college with his own khakis (wrinkled but passable) and a grey crew-neck sweater.

Grandad actually noticed and commented on the shoes because they were so similar to his. We all nodded at each other and smirked knowingly.

If I could only get my son to dress quasi-decently all the time... :~D

Hopeful Spirit said...

Hey Tami!

Thank you so much for participating in the Inaugural Edition of The Seventh Day, my new weekly blog carnival! This post is a GREAT contribution. I'm sitting here laughing out loud all by myself -- everyone else is asleep -- because I can relate!

Remember that submissions are accepted through Saturdays at noon (Pacific time) and the Carnival is posted every Sunday at On the Horizon!

Drop by and check out all the wonderful posts included in the very first edition! Hope you’ll participate again.

Blessings to you!

Sandy Carlson said...

That's hysterical! I sure can relate. We had a high-water moment, too. I have one child, so we made up our mind the pants were winter capris!

Happy New Year!

e-Mom said...

PS When you get a chance, please stop by for my New Year's party! :~D

Denise said...

Love it Tami! I am so glad to hear that other families can have that same sort of chaos and can laugh at themselves too. Blessings to each of you in the New Year!! Denise R.