Monday, January 05, 2009

The Humor of Christian Marriage

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She was a bonus in our box of hot chocolate packets, a plastic ornament we could hang on our Christmas tree. She was three inches tall, flat enough to fit through a mail slot and Scandinavian, I believe. We called her Miss Swiss in honor of her "birthplace". She didn't match anything on our tree, so I set her aside with a pile of mail and forgot about her.

But one day I opened my briefcase at work and there she was. I giggled, knowing exactly how she got there and the game was on. The next day, my husband found her in his lunch. He stuck her in my pillowcase. I perched her on his steering wheel. You never knew when Miss Swiss would show up. The suspense built as each hiding place became more and more imaginative, sometimes taking a few days to discover. The game became a battle of creativity and soon much thought had to be put into Miss Swiss' next destination.

One day while folding the laundry, true genius hit me. You know the little flap in the front of men's underwear? Uh huh. She fit perfectly, completely hidden within it. I folded the brief neatly and stuck it on top in his drawer.

The next morning I could hardly contain myself. He got up, took his shower and started shaving with no comment. Had he not found her? How could he not find her? Did he take the wrong pair? I rushed to the bedroom to inspect his drawer, but about the same time, he sauntered into the bedroom tugging on his shorts.

"There's something weird about these underwear." I laughed so hard I couldn't explain the joke. He didn't understand what was so funny until I extracted her for him. In his true, good sport fashion, he joined in the hilarity and we had a really good laugh before heading out for our day.

I don't remember what happened to Miss Swiss after that. Maybe she needed some therapy! And honestly, do you really want to stick the thing anywhere else after it's been in someone's underwear? Most likely she got hidden in a spot so good we never found her.

Take time to be silly with your mate. It takes the hum-drum out of everyday life and relieves the tension that goes along with living together. It's hard to stay mad at a guy who keeps you smiling.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a funny bone I need to tickle.

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tjhirst said...

Thanks for your funny story. I'm pretty serious, but I do lighten up like this with the one I love, which is where it matters most.

Annette said...

Tami thanks for that great laugh...I really needed it. The story is more funny when I can actually picture Kevin's face. You guys are too cute. When my husband and I grow up =0) we want to be just like you guys.

Susan said...

Oh Tami,

This was just PRECIOUS!! And so funny. I love your imagination.

I bet you are just a whole lot of fun to be with.

I hate all the miles that seperate us!

Thanks for the good laugh.

We joke around a lot too, it really lightens things up!


MiPa said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing.

e-Mom said...

"Maybe she needed therapy"... LOL! What a fun story, Tami. You two are a hoot.

A few years ago, we did something similar with a stuffed toy gorilla... he kept appearing in all sorts of strange and wonderful places. I'd forgotten we did that. Thanks for jogging my memory!

And thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today. :~D

Hugs, e-Mom

Amydeanne said...

too funny! i very much enjoyed that!

Betsy Markman said...

Love it, love it, love it! Thanks for sharing.

Rachelle said...

Wow!!! That's all, just WOW!
Bon Voyage ;)